Friday, May 7, 2021

Serving during the Pandemic

Word got out that the church was helping families with needs and lines began forming in front of our door. My wife and daughters frantically prepared food bags inside while I talked with the people outside by sharing the Gospel and the work of the church. Police patrolling the area noticed the crowd and came to find out what was happening. They were thankful the church was helping and decided to assist by being sure everyone kept social distance, used face masks, and formed a line.  


Having fun at home during the lockdown

One of the blessings of the lockdown with someone who collects table games and hosts camps is that there's no reason to be bored. It was a blessing in disguise to spend time as a family. The girls were finishing school from March until May but we enjoyed our free times together. 

It's hard for me to admit that Nisha and the girls did win in some of the games but the time together was a win for me every time. 

The lockdown also provided time for us to do major cleaning and organizing as well. 
Skype and Zoom calls became very frequent with our boys in university in the States and with other family and friends. 


Providing Food for those in Need

The Covid lockdown caused many families to have needs spiritually, physically, mentally, etc...
As a church we looked to help meet the needs of those that God has called us to reach. With the help of our supporters and our own church we were able to provide food for many families. It became a routine for us to prepare food bags for those with needs. 

With transportation being shut down it was amazing to see how God provided a different person to transport the food each week to our church.