Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Wedding preparations

The wedding was quickly approaching and the wedding party guests were arriving. It was exciting to see everyone using their gifts and abilities to put things together from cooking, decorating, transporting, etc...


Family time memories

With Matthew and Patty's wedding approaching and much to be done, we were able to take some time to make memories with our family members who came to Peru.  A special thank you to Jon's dad and stepmom and all four of our children who came at the end of June and stayed until the middle of July. 



One week before the arrival of our guests for the wedding of Matthew and Paty, we had various inconveniences: Our internet was not functioning and caused us to install a different internet that angered the first internet company which retaliated by cutting the internet cables of our new internet. 

The city made a decision to install new water tubes in all the streets which resulted in a lot of dust and a channel in front of our house and streets blocked. 


Jon gets his four-wheeler

After more than four years of saving and help from others, Jon was finally able to purchase his four-wheeler from the capital city of Lima and had it delivered to our house in the jungle.