Thursday, December 8, 2016

Ray and Judy return to the States

The process of saying "Good-bye" is never easy especially after time together of over two months. On November 10th, Jon flew to Lima with Ray and Judy for some time together before returning to the States on November 14th. 

 Our plane from Jauja to Lima last only 40 minutes but enough to see beautiful snow peak mountains.

 While in Lima they were able to visit new shopping centers, restaurants, and touristic spots.

 The Indian Market is a favorite place to purchase Peruvian souvenirs to take back to the States.
 How would you like to live on the top of this hill. The yellow line in the center of the picture is the stairs to get to the houses.
 The ruins and new museum of Pachacamac.

 Llamas returning from time grazing in the fields.

 The tour guide explains the ruins in English as Jon gets the car and drives up instead of walking.

 The Pacific Ocean in the background provides a great picture from the ruins.

 Judy gets to touch the Pacific Ocean from Peru. It surprisingly isn't as cold as it normally is in California.

 Anybody up for horseback riding on the beach at sunset?
 Judy was able to witness the "Water Park" when she arrived in Peru. Last year it was closed and was teased that it was her fault for the water not working. The fountains at this mall shut off for a moment as soon as she posed for the picture which allowed us to begin teasing her once again. Or was it that dad was trying to explain the size of the fish that he caught from the fountain?!

 We enjoy our time visiting our friends at the EFATA ministries.

 The new mall provides Murals from all over the world but also from places in Peru.

 Educational experiences at the H&M store as Judy gets some birthday gifts.
 The last picture together before they go through their international check point to board their plane back to the  States. It was a long trip for them with lay-overs but thankful that they made it safely without any problems like their trip to Peru with gun threats in the airport.
 Words can't express the joy that it was to have them with us in Peru. They did so much for us and our ministry. We are already anticipating the possibility of them coming back in the future.
A special Thank You to Dad and Nana for your thoughtfulness and sacrifices for us. The memories will be enjoyed and thought of often.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Church Fellowships

The church family was able to gather together for some great fellowships these last two months. Not only some special services filled with special music, testimonies, class projects, and food socials.

 The single adults group got together at our house to make plans for the upcoming new year and enjoy some fun time together.

 A connect four tournament to challenge everyone.

 A special speaker, Pastor Henry, from Tacna was able to share God's Word with us.

 Matthew enjoys ushering at the church by taking the offering, passing out notes and pens, etc...

 The church enjoys renting a soccer and volleyball recreation place to fellowship together.

 Birthday's are always a fun reason to celebrate.