Monday, October 23, 2017

Jon returns to Peru in time for the Church Anniversary

Jon was welcomed back to Peru as he brought gifts back from the States.

 Our church in Huancayo celebrated their 3rd anniversary on September 1st-3rd. What a blessing to see the church growing and becoming more independent.

Matthew starts college

Matthew has enrolled as a Maranatha Baptist Bible College Student. His first year will be through the Bridge to Campus program at Camp CoBeAc in Prudenville, Michigan. As parents, we are thrilled to know that he is in a place that he has known before, close to our sending church, in a secure environment, and in God's will. What a joy to see Matthew put his faith in God to provide, protect, and guide him through this semester. Matthew was able to pay his first semester off completely by God providing a job before college, a pell grant, and through the generous giving of others. He is pursuing an education degree to be in ministry.  
 Pictured below is Matthew's dorm where he will be staying the next few months.

 After registering and moving into his room, Matthew toured the campus to see the updated changes.
 The gym was one of the first places for him to visit.

 Orientation time allowed Matthew to meet other students, directors, and get further information to be prepared for classes on the first day.
 Matthew's dorm building at night.
 I don't believe that Matthew will have any trouble adapting to the food and environment.

 Matthew's roommates and dorm supervisor for this year.

 The camp facilities are beautiful and will provide many activities for the students.

 Jon spent one last day with Matthew at the camp and took him into town for some fun activities.