Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Jon and Matthew travel to the States

The day finally came for Matthew to return to the States for transitioning into college. He is pursuing an education degree from Maranatha Baptist Bible College and will be taking his first year at the bridge to campus at Camp CoBeAc in Michigan. Please pray for God's direction and provision during this transition. 

Trip to Lima to reunite with Nisha and Matthew

Jon, Nathan, Becca and Katie were able to take a bus to reunite with Nisha and Matthew in Lima before the final journey to the States by Jon and Matthew.  The bus trip took about seven hours but was anticipated by everyone. 

 Once again, we were able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Andes Mountains created by our God.

 Praising the Lord for being all together as a family. It will be a difficult transition by all when Matthew leaves for college.

 We decided to take a couple of days to spend as a family and make some lasting memories together.

 We visited the beach of the Pacific ocean.

 We enjoyed some street festivals and shopping.

 We were able to visit with our friends at EFATA Baptist Church. Jon had the opportunity to preach there as well.

 The Lima malls provide many different activities to enjoy like murals to many different locations.

Jon's birthday celebrated by the church

Jon was surprised when the church brought out a cake and snacks along with a special love offering and gifts for his birthday. It was an encouragement to see the support of the church. 

Father's Day celebrations

Father's Day was celebrated in our house and in our church. It started with with our twin girls making breakfast and gifts. They also made Jon's favorite lunch (steak, fried shrimp, vegetable, and potatoes). 

The celebration continued at our church with other families. Nisha and Matthew were missed by being in Lima but praise the Lord for the communication with electronics. 
What a blessing to see our church families growing closer to each other and desiring to live Biblically. 

 The Fathers of our church are being honored by recognition and gifts.

 With Matthew leaving for college, it is good to see others who are being trained to get more involved as ushers and song leaders.

 Yasser and Cecilia have done a tremendous job at leading many of our church fellowships. We will miss Cecilia when she gets married and leaves our church in August.
 Yenny has been working with our church children's club and are including them in more celebrations.
 Competitions provided some fun interactions during the activity.
 So thankful for our children and their gratitud for us as parents.