Tuesday, November 13, 2018

From Arizona to Louisiana and all the States in between

We will be spending November in many of the States in the South. We went from Arizona to New Mexico to Texas to Louisiana to Mississippi to Alabama and now in Florida. 
It is always a blessing to visit our supporting church in Flower Mound. To reacquaint with old friends and make new friends with each visit. 

 One of the things that we miss the most while in Peru is our family and friends in the States but it is encouraging to get to see them once again as we travel.

 Jon's uncle Al passed away in September of this year. He was a believer, prayer warrior, and supporter of our ministry and is missed dearly. We were able to visit his home and family while traveling through Alabama.
 Jon is pictured teaching in the Adult sunday school class in Alabama before the morning service.

 Missing our boys but cherishing the moments that we have with our twin girls before it is over.

Hoover Dam

While in Nevada, we took the time to see the Hoover Dam. This is another landmark here in the United States that gets so much recognition due to its size and strength. It still amazes me to see the accomplishment of such a big dam. 

 We picked such a beautiful day with a gorgeous sunsets to capture some pictures to remember the moment.

Reporting in Nevada

We traveled from Arizona to Nevada to report to Lighthouse Baptist Church. It was encouraging to witness the spirit of the church through the music, baptism, bus ministry, etc. 
While traveling we saw the glass car parking garage.
At times we have traveled with the gas light on till we could locate a gas station. Living by faith.

Nevada also is known for vacation destinations like Las Vegas.

In Arizona with Jon's parents

Traveling through the mountains reminds us of Peru. What an adventure while we travel to witness many different experiences from the West like cotton fields, big windmills, buffalo, and old west towns. We were able to spend a couple of days with Jon's parents (Ray and Judy). 

 The sunsets and scenery were beautiful.
 Can you spot the woodpecker on this cactus as it makes holes to live inside?

 Ray and Judy celebrated with us all the holidays missed while we were in Peru and for this year. It was a blessing to fellowship and interact with family.

 We were able to tour the city of Fountain Hills with its big water fountain and many statues throughout the city.

 One day we went to an indian pow-wow to spend some time meeting Judy's son Jason.

 We had time to visit the lake for a hike and a cruise on the boat while taking in the many sights of the area.

 Can you spot the elephant shaped in the rocks?

 Visiting the old west town and eating at the old west restaurant was a fun experience.

 Superstition Mountain provided a great background for a family picture.

Thank you Dad and Judy for a great time of fellowship, games, and time sightseeing.