Friday, January 17, 2020

Nathan's last days with us

Nathan has helped in our ministry in so many ways while he was with us during his holiday break. He served in the church and helped with projects as well. It was good having him with us to enjoy the fellowship and family time. The children are still asking for him and wondering when he will be back for another visit. Nisha has taken Nathan to the capital city of Lima by bus and he will be flying back to the States tonight. 

 Nathan and Katie are used as illustrations by speaking Japanese and German along with English and Spanish to explain the confusion of languages at the tower of babel.

Saying Goodbye is hard at times

Matthew would stay in Huancayo for a few days before heading back to the States to study in University. It still is hard to say goodbye to our children knowing that our time together gets shorter and more frequent. We praise the Lord that they are pursuing God's Will for their lives. 

From Oxapampa to Huancayo

Oxapampa is in the high altitude jungle of PerĂº. It's tranquilo and family oriented. It's nothing like the business of a big city with traffic and smell. We decided to travel from our small town to the city of Huancayo as a family trip. It usually takes about six hours to drive straight through but we decided to take a couple of days and enjoy the touristic sights along the way. We were able to visit water falls, caves, butterfly park, indigenous tribe, coffee factory, see beautiful scenery, and cross through tunnels while making new memories. 

Word got out that we were in town and friends wanted to meet. Our kids enjoyed getting together with their friends from Huancayo.

Huancayo offers restaurants and shopping plaza's that are not available in the Jungle area of Oxapampa.

Iglesia Bautista Monte Calvario

Iglesia Bautista Monte Calvario meets every Sunday and Thursday for services. It was a special treat to have Matthew, Nathan, and Paty with us the week after New Year's. 

 Our Kid's Club is filled with adventures every Thursday. Our boys Matthew and Nathan were a big blessing to the children by teaching Bible lessons, running games, and sharing treats. It thrills our hearts as parents to see our children willing to serve God with their talents.