Thursday, April 14, 2016

Replacing the church sign

One of the church attenders asked if he could replace the church sign. It's always a blessing when those in the church see a need and look to use their gifts for the Lord. 

 While working on the sign, Jon received a call from a friend on the coast who was given a job in our city and wanted to come visit. He ended up showing up and lending a hand as well. God is good all the time!

Family Time

Even though we don't have pictures of Nisha's trip to Lima to get schooling, ministry supplies, and to relax, the rest of us in Huancayo survived and had a good time. Everyone chipped in to fill the areas Nisha would normally accomplish. 

 Okay so there were times that Nisha was thought of more than others.
 We all participated in the "Doritos Rulet". Let's just say that Katie lost by choosing four hot ones in a row while Jon never got one.

 New puppy Shadow in training.
 Thankful that our daughters are able to assist in cooking especially when mom is away.

 Shadow likes her reflexion in the glass patio door.

 Our trip to the lake also included a stop at the home-made yogurt and ice-cream store.

 They wanted to take a moment to take in the view and also to recuperate from Dad's driving on the small road around the lake with them.

 Matthew helped paddle the boat out to the island.

 It was a beautiful day to go to the lake. God even blessed us with a rainbow.

Church Potluck

What a fun day filled with great preaching, fellowship, and food. What a blessing to see everyone participate in the preparing of the potluck dinner at the church. Even the visitors wanted to stay after the service when they smelled all the good food. It is such a joy to be a part of a church family.