Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Red moon eclipse

Jon and the twin girls went star and moon gazing on the roof last night in order to see the moon turn red. They laughed, told stories, and played while observing the moon turn from white to a dark shadow and then to red. It was one of those "cherish the moments" times.

Monday, April 14, 2014

March Madness NCAA Basketball 2014

March Madness NCAA Basketball is one of those things that we as a family enjoy doing together. We add a little more decorations each year and each family member fills out a bracket. We were able to enjoy some of the games with peruvians when schedule allowed and internet worked. 

As Michigan fans, we were disappointed when our internet went out the first half of one of their games. We were waiting with anticipation to find out the final score later that day. 
Our son Nathan beat Jon by one point this year to claim bragging rights for one year of being the bracket winner of 2014. 

Bomberos, Bubbles, and Balloons

Jon organized for physical education class at the school a day dedicated to Bomberos (fireman), bubbles, and water balloons. A letter went home to the parents to prepare the students to get wet. It was a beautiful day to have this activity. 

 The mini pool was used to create human size bubbles for the three and four year olds.
 The fire department came out to explain to the students fire prevention and safety.
 Jon even brought out some fireman hats from his skit box for the teachers to get into the spirit.
 Everyone enjoyed the demonstrations of treatments.

 Jon and Pastor Ernesto constructed a fire for the fireman to demonstrate how to use an extinguisher.

Missions Conference 2014

It was a blessing to have the missions conference this year. Omar Garcia from Virginia was the special speaker for the week. Matthew has been involved in the choir and was one of the flag bearers. 

 Pictured below is Omar (Spanish Pastor in Virginia), Nisha, Jon, Reuben (Pastor in Peru), and Ernesto (Assistant Pastor of the church).

 Teams were formed to prepare food and decorations for four continents. Our family was a part of the Africa group which won the competition for best food and decorations. It was encouraging to see all the groups work together to make the banquet successful.

 Each of our kids present got involved in serving at the banquet.

Passing the time with activities

Matthew and Nathan have enjoyed playing soccer with the church guys each Monday night. 

 Killing the chickens for some food this week.
 While waiting for her sister to finish her piano lessons, Katie uses the floor mats to create different shapes and forms.
 The kids enjoy taking care of and playing with our animals. We have five guinea pigs (cuy).
 Jon decides to take his theme of "Doctor Day" for P.E. in the school a little too far by coming home and playing doctor on the dogs with the girls.

Pukklay Festival

Each year there is a celebration called "Pukklay". It's filled with dances of Peruvian heritage, carnival games, venders, parades, decorations, drinking, etc...
"Pukllay or Pujllay (meaning "play" in Quechua) is a traditional festival held in the central Andes. The word "play" refers to either the clouds or the blossoms "playing" in the winds of the end of the rainy season and thus harvesting time."

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Rest home ministry

We're usually the ones blessed when visiting the rest home. We go to sing songs, read the Bible, pray, and spend some time with the elderly. 
 It's so encouraging to see the attitudes of the elderly who insist on having their own chance to pray, sing, and share testimonies of what God has done for them.

Market Day

We normally like to go to the market on Saturday mornings because of less people and we get first pick of potatoes, fruits, and vegetables. Our girls are a big help in picking out and eating the fruit.

Music lessons at the church

Christian, a single man form Lima,  has been hired to teach and conduct the music at the church. He is currently teaching violin as well as other instruments to those interested. Matthew has enjoyed the choir even more since Christian has started directing.