Monday, March 23, 2015

March Prayer Letter

March Prayer Letter
Since arriving back from furlough, we've been extremely busy. We are currently working alongside Pastor Fidel Gomez in Los Olivos to improve our Spanish, get visa and car paperwork done, and prepare for a smoother transition to start churches in the mountains.  Mt. Horeb Baptist Church is actively involved in starting four new churches and supporting many other works throughout Peru. It has been a blessing to be a part of this ministry.  
With the help of Pastor Fidel, we were able to quickly find and rent a three-bedroom apartment. Once the contract was settled, Jon and Matthew drove 14 hours back to Andahuaylas to finish packing, secure a moving truck, and transport our items to our new ministry. What a blessing to have a church member allow us to transport our items with his truck just for the cost of gas. Even though some items were damaged in the move, we are thankful for God's provision and safety. It wasn't long before we found our new apartment being used for church activities and a ministry to our neighbors. Please pray with us for the salvation of our neighbors Louis and Mirian and for those seeking counsel regularly. Our neighbors have been extremely helpful and supportive with our move.
Jon was able to join a mission team to host a Pastors Conference and preach in various villages in the Amazon. Jon was asked to teach the doctrine of Christology at the conference. Many village pastors who travelled great distances (some on boats for three days) came to grow and seek counsel for their ministries. The second week was spent traveling to many of these villages to preach in their churches and encourage them. Our hearts were touched to see the spiritual progress from the previous year. Our prayers go to those villages who have yet to see a church built in their village with a Godly leader to lead them. God once again provided safety from sickness and disease and allowed safe travel.
The summer schedule has included mission trips, conferences, retreats, and camps. Jon and Matthew were able to attend a Teen Camp for one week. The second week of camp was for those 18 years and older (Professionals). Our whole family went and ministered in various ways. What a blessing to see God work in the hearts at camp with over 175 in attendance. Jon was able to preach, give a devotional, counsel, and be the director of the games at the camp. What a blessing to meet Missionary Lee Johnson and Josue Galindo as speakers at the camp.  Our children, who had just completed their semester exams, were able to serve at the camp as well.    
Please pray for the salvation of Joel who broke his arm in one of the games and will need surgery. Jon was able to talk with him in the time spent taking him to the hospital. Joel mentioned that it was his first time attending a camp, a first time breaking a bone, and the first time being confronted about his need for salvation.
March is the start of school and seminaries here in Peru. It provides a regular routine in our schedules for ministry. Please pray for those students returning to the private Christian school and the seminary of our church. We're seeking to educate and strengthen the next generation of leaders in Peru.

Thank you for joining us in prayer and for your support of the ministry in Peru.

The Jon Harris Family
Jon, Nisha, Matthew, Nathan, Rebecca, and Kathleen

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Adult Summer Camp

Horeb Baptist Church hosted a camp for the adults called "Campamento de Profesionales". Jon was asked to preach the first night and Missionary Lee Johnson and Josue Galindo spoke the other nights. Jon was also the director of all the games and activities for the camp. Nisha recorded the points, Nathan played the music for the activities, Matthew ran the computer programs, Katie helped with game equipment, and Becca helped with our dog "Max" as the camp mascot. It was exciting to be working together as a family at camp. 
 One of the campers broke his arm trying to pull himself up a rope. Jon took him to the hospital and got a chance to talk with him about the Lord. It was his first time at camp, first time breaking a bone, and first time being confronted about the need of salvation. We're praying for the salvation of Joel.

 The banquet is the highlight for many of the campers. The decorations are exquisite and the weather was great.

 The girls are wearing their camp helper shirts while shopping. They spotted a teddy bear from "Home Depot" in the States and had to get a picture since dad didn't buy it.

Teen Summer Camp

Missionary Tim Chapman has decided to start a church rather than continue his work as camp director and evangelist. Jon and Matthew took the week to participate in his last week of directing at camp this summer. What a privilege to talk and counsel with some of the teens for the week. 

 Some of the helpers accidentally plugged the piano into the 220 electric outlet without a transformer. The result was burned wires and breaking of some fuses. Thankfully the piano was able to be repaired and used at the camp.
 Matthew found another Peruvian wearing a Michigan shirt the week of camp.
 Matthew enjoyed participating in the activities at the camp and making new friends.

 Matthew assists his team in the individual competitions.

 It wasn't a surprise to be served rice each day as camp food.

Horeb Baptist Church

Our family has enjoyed adjusting back to Peru by being a part of the ministry at Horeb Baptist Church. The members and selfless attitudes are such a blessing to witness. 

 The single adults have been such a blessing by visiting our house and showing us around the area.

 Our neighbor and some members of the church were willing to take the day to show us where to find things downtown.
 The healing vender on the street offers animal liquids and potions for healing. We're thankful that we have the Master Healer, Jesus Christ.
 Downtown gets crowded with people in a hurry. The mountains will have market one day of the week where the city has markets each day.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Church Family Retreat

Jon preached at the church family retreat to strengthen and encourage the families. What a blessed time of food, fellowship, games, and great weather. 

Jon's Amazon Trip (part 2)

After our first week in Caballa Cocha for the Pastors Conference, our team took boat trips down the Amazon River to visit various churches in villages. Some places were more difficult to get to while others were easier. 
 Jon gets the chance to preach in the new church building in the village "Fujimori".
 The water level had risen into the village causing flooding which required a boat to get to the out-house and private huts.

 One of them shared his pet crocodile mascot that he caught in the river.

 Jon is standing in a village on the Columbian side where Peru is across the river behind him.

 Cory Ricker and Jon pick up some hand tools used by the villagers for a picture.
 What a blessing to have a church member willing to use his boat to take us up and down the river to visit more villages.
 The pastor prepared mosquito nets over the beds for a more comfortable night of sleep.
 Jon is pointing to a large iguanna in the bushes but difficult to see.

 Our team traveled as far as Tabatinga, Brazil where we stayed in a hotel. We were within walking distance of the Columbian border and across the river from Peru.
 We had the privilege of tasting fresh squeezed sugar cane juice.
 As the river got higher so did the planks of wood for walking bridges.
 Pecki-pecki boats (wooden canoes with a small motor) were common in these parts to get around.

 Last year Jon prayed on the land for the construction of this church. What a blessing to see the progress of the work and of the people for God's glory.
 Jon is now standing on another property with this lady who wants a new church to be built in her village.

 Bathrooms just don't seem so private in some of these villages.

 Visiting another Columbian village where we witnessed a school in progress and a chance to fellowship with others.

 Jon stopped to talk with these guys who were sculptering wood to sell in the markets.
 Jon was able to spend the night at this Pastor's house.
 Jon was able to see the progress being made to the church in this village.
 Our return trip to the capital city of Lima would take a 12 hour boat trip to Iquitos and a one and half hour plane trip. We were able to stop again at Caballa Cocha to say our final goodbyes and enjoy some time with our friends in ministry.

Jon had the blessing of counseling and encouraging this couple to get married last year. This year they asked Jon to be one of the two witnesses for the civil wedding. The church wedding was on the last day of the conference. May God bless them as they seek to be in God's will and be used in the ministry.