Saturday, September 13, 2014

The hospitality of the Boelk Family

A special thanks goes to the Boelk Family and to Fairfax Baptist Temple for their hospitality. We enjoyed the Revival services with Tom Farrell and the great fellowship. Visiting with the son of missionary Paul Rose from Peru, Tim Haskell, Miss Joanne, and others from Fairfax Baptist Temple.

 Our children seemed to have enjoyed the activities at the Boelk house with swimming, trampoline, board games, great food, and of course the hound-dog.

Nathan gets comfortable while doing his homeschooling.
 Matthew and Nathan enjoyed being on the winning team of the dodgeball tournament during the Fairfax teen activity.

Visiting the National Mall in Washington DC

We were able to visit the National Mall in Washington DC. This trip allowed us a tour into the US Capital building and a visit to the Air and Space Museum. We also took the time to visit Arlington Cemetary and the tomb of the unknown soldier.

The hospitality of Pastor Corrigan

We had the opportunity to stay with Pastor Corrigan in Maryland. Our children especially enjoyed the many activities (kittens, soul-winning, paintball, basketball, volleyball, carpetball, etc.).

 Matthew and Nathan getting all geared up for paintball wars in the woods.
 Becca and Katie got into the action as well.

The Orick Family's hospitality

Our time in Maryland visiting supporting churches allowed us to visit a good friend of ours. Tammy Orick who is now married and has two children.  Her family was willing to open their home and hearts to our family. We enjoyed seeing the air museum, beautiful scenery, and visiting their lively church.

 A special "thank you" to the Orick Family and there kindness to us.

Ministering in churches

What a blessing to see the heart of churches for missions.
 We have enjoyed the great fellowship with our supporting churches.
It's been a special privilege to be involved in soul-winning blitzes and visitation programs. Our boys are pictured below helping fill backpacks to go soul-winning in Maryland.

Hershey Park

We were told by many that we had to visit Hershey Park since we were in the area. 

 They say you can't go wrong with chocolate. It has gotten many men out of "the dog house".
 Riding thru the chocolate tour.

York Pennsylvania

Our family enjoyed some relaxing time with the Callahan family in Pennsylvania. We were thankful for their hospitality and the remembering childhood memories. 

 Family time at the public park where each of us found something fun to do.

 Matthew is still good playing with children as he was willing to have them beat him up.
 Jon and Shannon grew up together in Michigan.