Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The lamb destined for slaughter

We just celebrated the Resurrection Day in remembrance of our Savior giving His life for our sins and raising from the grave three days after His death. I'm reminded in the Scriptures of the parable of the Lamb that is given for the forgiveness of sins and how that Jesus is the Lamb of God who made it possible for us to have a direct relationship with God.
It was sad to see so many people in Peru following the catholic rituals during the Resurrection Day remembrance. I witnessed many waiting in line and paying money to receive a cotton swab that was rubbed on the statue of Jesus or to have their flower arrangements touch the statue to receive extra blessings for their homes. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to walk and talk with God without having to earn it.
There was a lamb, called Mateo, being raised in the ministry here in Peru. Our children enjoyed the time playing and feeding Mateo these last few months. They slaughtered Mateo, the lamb not my son, in order to have a feast for the orphans at this ministry. The kitchen workers will find a way to use as much of the lamb for food, including putting the head in a soup. Even though the food will be enjoyed by many here at the ministry, it doesn't last too long.
The Lamb of God was slain to offer eternal life to whosoever believes that Jesus is the Son of God and ask Him to forgive them of their sins.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Peru Presidential runoff for 2011

On April 10th, Peru had the Presidential elections between 10 candidates. Since neither one received the needed 50% of support there is a face-off between the top two candidates on June 5th. The two candidates are Ollanta Humala and Keiko Fujimori.

Humala, closely associated with Hugo Chavez, plans to amend the Constitution and allow the state a much bigger role in the economy, terrifying the business community as well as many Peruvians who believe the country has changed for the better in the past 20 years. He is not in favor of missionaries being in the country of Peru.

On the other hand, Keiko Fujimori will obviously continue the free market economy her father, imprisoned ex-President Alberto Fujimori, applied in his 1990-2000 government. But many fear that she could usher in a new era of the corruption and strong-arm tactics used by her father. Her congressional slate is rife with her father’s former adherents who rubber-stamped his anti-democratic measures.

Please continue to Pray for freedom to evangelize in Peru and God's Will to be done.

Traffic Accident Article

It has often been told of the bad driving conditions in Peru. The following article has been copied to my blog from the Peru News. This serves as a reminder to share the Gospel and to thank God for the safety He gives each day on the road where you live.

The following links are video of bus crashes in Peru on Youtube.

Twenty-one dead, numerous injured as bus plunges 200 meters in southern highlands

April 4, 2011 by Rick Vecchio · Leave a Comment

At least 21 people are dead after an inter-provincial bus racing through Peru’s southern highlands went over a cliff early Friday, daily El Comercio reported.

The accident occurred at 5:00a.m. when a bus belonging to the Virgen del Carmen transport company plunged down a 200 meter abyss after losing control on a higway between Paucartambo and Cusco.

The accident, which also left some 47 people injured, was a result of excessive speed, authorities say.

In Peru – where the high number of severe car and bus accidents is notorious – many of the vehicles are old, drivers reckless, and the roads often in a bad state. In the past several years, an average 3,500 people have died and 40,000 are injured every year as a result of car or bus accidents.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Prayer Letter

Dear Fellow Supporters,

We have been in Peru three months and have seen God do miraculous things that only He can do. I stand amazed when I witness those who receive Christ as their Savior and begin to see the transformation take place in their life.

On April 10th, Peru will have their Presidential elections between eleven candidates. Although, as missionaries, we cannot vote or interfere with the politics of another country, it does not stop us from praying that God’s Will be done. Peru’s politics change many times according to who the President is. This could affect the freedom missionaries have in staying and preaching the truth of God’s Word in Peru. Please pray with us concerning these elections.

To all those who are or have been students, you can imagine how our language training is going. It has its difficult and rewarding moments. We find ourselves praying more for God’s help in understanding and applying the new language than ever before. We are thankful that we are in a ministry with so many willing to be patient and assist us in learning. Our children are learning the language at a rapid pace and are able to interact more efficiently with other children. They are learning scripture verses and songs in the children’s choir and have already been able to do special music. We seem to be adjusting to a routine by homeschooling our children while we are in language training each weekday. Please continue to pray for us to learn the language effectively.

We have run into a delay with our visas (carnets) due to improper paperwork and are currently waiting to receive a call in order to be approved. After my wife and I are approved for our carnets, we then can process our children under us. Please pray for our visa approval.

We thank those who have sent packages, mailed us letters of encouragement, and sent love offerings these last two months. You can’t imagine how excited we were as family to receive things from the States that we can’t get here! We are still making improvements to the apartment and getting ready for winter, which is June through August because we are south of the equator.

Thank you again for your prayers and support of our ministry.

God's animals great or small

After worshiping God at church on Sunday, I was walking to our third floor apartment when I noticed a baby pigeon needing some help. I put it into a box and gave it some food and water. It didn't take long before our children were treating it as their pet. It acquired a name (B.B. for Blue Beak) and attracted much attention. After a few days, it had gained strength and was able to fly. We turned it loose back on the porch where we found it and after a little while passed, it took flight. Even though our children were sad to see it leave, we each agreed that it would be best for the bird.

Luke 12:6-7 reminds us that even the smallest of birds is not forgotten by God and that we are of more value than many sparrows. It's nice to know that we have a God that watches over us and knows what is best for our lives.