Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Deputation out in California

We finished our Missions Conference in Jackson, Michigan just before meetings were scheduled for California throughout the next month. Not having suitable time to travel and the expense of the trip, it was decided to fly Jon out to the California churches interested in planting churches in Peru. Jon, and the churches, would have preferred if the family was together for the meetings but their absence was understood. We look forward to hearing back from the churches visited concerning the possibility of their support.

Jon is thankful to the Lord for once again providing the proper funds for this trip, safe traveling mercies, Spirit-filled meetings, and the decisions made for God's Glory. The Christian Fellowship at each church was such a comfort. It was an added blessing to visit Yosemite National Park with Ambassador Baptist Church. I once again was amazed with our Creator and the natural beauty of His creation with the rock formations, waterfalls, and landscape.

I will admit that it felt awkward traveling and eating meals without the family. It was a comfort to know that Nisha and the children were safe back at our sending church and surrounded by those who care. Our children are back into home-schooling but look forward to traveling to more meetings with Dad.

Jon had the chance to stay with his sister Jody and family, who live in Vacaville, between meetings while in California. They took the opportunity to show more of the West, such as Crabbing off the Pier in the Pacific Ocean, Golf, parks, and the Air Force Museum. He helped out after his sister had knee surgery and wishes her a speedily recovery.

We look forward to our next prayer letter going out to reveal how God has revealed our departure plans and the raising percentage of our support. Please pray with us that God will be magnified through our life.