Friday, May 30, 2014

Fifth year anniversary of the Andahuaylas church

Anniversaries are widely celebrated in Peru. The church has celebrated their fifth year in Andahuaylas. What a blessing to see what God has done these past years. The church is averaging 140 people every Sunday. A little over 80 active members are in the church which has a variety of ministries (Nursery, children's classes, youth group, single adults group, married group, private christian school, Bible institute, and more). Continue to pray for the Abundant Life Baptist Church in Andahuaylas.

Baptisms at the river

The church baptisms create an opportunity for a picnic fellowship at the river. Jon provides many games for the people to participate in. Again, volleyball and soccer are crowd favorites. Not too many were familiar enough to play badminton, American football and baseball. Other games were made available as well but most just enjoyed the time of fellowship. 
 Four teens were baptized from the church on this day.

Wedding of Noe and Doris

Jon thought that he would never be asked again to do games for a wedding reception since what he made for the last one was a big wooden cow for a milking contest. The couple that we had been counseling not only asked Jon to provide the entertainment for their reception but asked if Nisha would make their wedding cake. Jon ended up making a hippo, ball tossing game as well as other games. 
 Nisha ended up baking and decorating 250 cupcakes along with a top cake for the bride/groom.
 The kids participated in the preparation work as well.

 Nisha makes some great tasting cakes but doesn't have experience with decorating. She finally got a pattern she liked after many attempts. The bride and groom couldn't decide on just one flavor and asked for five different flavors (chocolate, banana, carrot, orange, and mixed chocolate). Nisha spent all day Friday making 50 cupcakes of each flavor.

 The final product turned out really nice.

 Our twin girls were excited to be the flower girls for the wedding.

 We were thankful to have played a role in counseling and encouragment of this couple.

 Jon played a headband name game at the reception.

 After everyone received a cupcake, the announcement was made that anyone desiring extras could have more. It seemed like a raid of people wanting more. They were all gone in a short time with others still asking. Good job, Nisha!

 Raul, a single adult, enjoyed "Harieta" the hippo.