Friday, August 16, 2013

Fun times with Kelsi Brock

Kelsi Brock was a missionary kid in Tacna, Peru for four years. She came back to visit Andahuaylas on  a missions trip for six weeks this summer. It was our blessing to host her at our house for part of her trip. Our girls really enjoyed their time with her. 

 Bike riding around the lake in the mountains.
 Girls night included sleeping out in the tent, painting nails, curling hair, dressing up, having tea parties, watching movies, and more.
 Visiting the market on her last weekend to find some souvenirs and get flowers for the church.

 Kelsi loved talking with her parents on the phone throughout her visit except for the time that her flight got cancelled and having the uncertainty of how she would get back home.
 Kelsi gets treated to her last meal at a restaurant. We play the game of "Bingo" as a family while waiting for our food.

 When Nathan asked Jon "how many are able to ride on the zip-line?", he didn't realize that they were asking at the same time.

 Kelsi teaches the kids a new phrase of "you are looking for the safe way but we're looking for the fun way".

Another Bible study single adult activity

It's exciting to see that the single adults bringing visitors to the activities. 

 We enjoy the time of fellowship together with games, food, and even campfire songs.

 Peruvians are getting the hang of the game carpetball.
 Jon uses the projector for his devotionals. He is teaching lessons on "What happens when one believes on the Lord". What does the Bible say changes concerning your relation to the Deity, to sin, to the Devil, and to other Christians.
 Nisha was asked to make their favorite cinnamon rolls for the activity.
 Kelsi Brock's last photo with some of the single adults before she heads back to the States.

President's visit

Peru's President Ollanta Humala visited our town of Andahuaylas. We were wondering why there were helicopters flying over our house and around the valley. The President addressed the people on the radio about the needs in the valley. He mentioned that the road to Lima would be completed within a year which will bring in more modern businesses and make it more quickly accessible to travel to the coast. 

Family involvement

Our girls were told by their teacher each day to put on their thinking caps. So they made up some thinking caps to put on during school.
 Nathan is now old enough to be in the youth group at the church. The pictures below are of his first youth group activity on the roof top of the church classroom building. Matthew was asked to put together a crowd breaker activity on this day as well.

 Matthew describes his game in Spanish to the rest of the teens. He likes being involved and ministering rather than just attending the church.

 Jon rented a soccer field for his single adults activity and brought the 6 foot big ball for different varieties of games. He asked a Venezuela Christian named Doug to share the devotional. Over 50 were in attendance on this night.

 While Nisha was pulling money out of the "MultiRed" ATM, the post office man told her that she had mail to be picked up. Nisha is seen in the picture waiting for the post office to open up for her to get our mail.
 What an encouragement to receive over ten letters from the States. Thank you to our supporting churches and friends who take the time to send us these.

Church construction work

It was a blessing to have Chris and Josh come from New Zealand to help with the construction work at the church. Over $5,000 was given by New Zealand churches as well as from these two businessmen. The new church building was able to get closed in with bricking the walls and putting wood walls to the peak of the roof. Outside walls to the church property were able to be painted.

 Gutters were installed to drain the water away from the building.

 Pictured below is Chris, who is constructing a wall made of plywood to close up the peak.
 A bigger church sign was made to hang up for all to see. The land-lady who is renting the property to the church is not happy that we painted the house/property and hung this sign as she is a devoted Catholic and we are making it very obvious that we are a Baptist Church. She was told that we were a Baptist Church but I don't think she realized how obvious we would make it. Praying for her to see the truth.

 New spotlights were added to better light up the stage. New electric wires, switches, and audio cables were installed as well as new speakers and microphones ordered. The sound will be much better in the church with the building closed in and newer sound system installed.
 The carpenter (church member) installs a new door leading into the stage area.
 Brick laying to close in the church building.
 Josh wires two wooden ladders together to reach high enough to hang up the new sign. He adapted to the Peruvian ways quickly and took risks.

 The land-lady lives on the second floor and didn't want her floor to be painted but left its orange color. We're praying that she changes her mind so that the colors don't clash.
 The church now has a new sign and painted walls.
 Cement stairs have been added leading up to the stage. This also makes it more comfortable for "alter calls" and kneeling for prayers.
 Chris, Josh, and Carlos framing in the wood wall to close in the church.
 Mid-week service during the construction process. Chris and Josh did their best to understand the new language of Spanish.
 Kelsi Brock along with other church ladies help with the painting.
 Each day the workers would walk over to the market (one block away) for a lunch menu and good fellowship.
 Chris forms a smiley face with his food. It took two weeks for the Peruvians to understand his teasing and constant humor but played along with him as well.