Thursday, June 30, 2011

Inauguration of Jesus Statue

(Below is an article from "living in Peru" web page)
As Peru is known for Catholicism, it is no surprise to see relics all over the coastal cities of the country. People in Peru seek to be blessed, but in a way that contradicts the doctrines of the Bible. Peru just celebrated the national holiday called "the Pope's Day", where all schools were required by law to be closed. They inaugurated a new giant statue of Christ in Lima on Wednesday. Please pray for Peru to see the value of having a true relationship with Christ more than possessing relics for blessings.

Lima | June 30, 2011 [ 9:19 ]

Giant statue of Christ inaugurated in Peru


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The statue was officially inaugurated by Peruvian president Alan García on Wednesday. (Photo: Sepres)

Peruvian president Alan García has formally inaugurated one of the world's tallest statues of Jesus Christ on a hill in the capital Lima.

Hundreds of Peruvians turned out on Wednesday to welcome the monument, known as "Cristo del Pacífico" or Christ of the Pacific.

The statue, standing 37 meters tall when its 15 meter pedestal is taken into account, was built in Brazil and shipped to Peru in pieces, where it was assembled on the historic Morro Solar hill which overlooks Lima's bay and 19 kilometers of beach on the Pacific coast.

"Our Lord, Jesus Christ, I ask you to bring peace to our country. Material things can do a lot, but nothing is worth anything if there is not a transcendental and different message, and that is what you have brought here," president García said at yesterday's ceremony.

Monsignor Bruno Musaro, the Apostolic Nuncio to Peru, was also in attendance at the ceremony. "I am very excited by this show of faith," he said.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Heart transplant

Valita’s situation appeared hopeless. The estimated $775,000 in anticipated transplant-related expenses was not even coming close to being raised.

Then EsSalud, the national health care network of Peru, has reportedly made a last-minute decision to assume the remaining cost and, with her parents, Valita flew aboard a charter ambulance plane on the 10-hour journey to the university hospital in Minnesota

After a series of complicated preparatory surgeries, Valita could only wait for a donor heart to become available. Three months later, one did.

The operation began Monday night, June 6th, at 9 p.m., El Comercio reported, and continued for 11 hours until Tuesday morning.

It's inspiring to hear good news of giving hope and life to one another. Can you imagine how the parents felt to hear their daughter would be given an opportunity to receive a miracle in which they were unable to give themselves? It required the love of another and the willingness to receive such a gift that could never be repaid.
Of course, this reminds me of our ministry of sharing the Gospel (the good news) to those who will die in their sin and be destined for hell but have a way to be saved. God gave His only begotten Son (Jesus Christ) to take sins penalty and has offered it to you. You must be willing to receive the gift of salvation and ask Him to be your Saviour. There is such a joy given to those who have been given eternal life.

Friday, June 17, 2011

June Prayer Letter

To Our Faithful Prayer Partners and Supporters,

Psalm 37:5, “Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.”

After completing one of five books in our Spanish curriculum, our teacher recommended some time away from the books. Jon took theopportunity to go visit Andahuaylas where he was able to preach and serve in the church there.

Spanish continues to be our main focus. It can be frustrating at times because we want to understand and speak it now and fail to remember that it’s a process that will take time. We are committed and ask you to continue to pray that we’d have clarity to retain what we are learning.

Peru’s newly elected President, Ollanta Humala, assumes office on July 28th. Only time will tell what changes will be made in the country.

It is winter now in Peru. Very different than the winters we’ve experienced in the States. The sun seldom shines and there is usually a mist that covers the city ofLima. Could make one feel dreary if you let it. So thankful we have the promise of the Son to brighten our days!

We’d like to thank all of you for faithfully praying for us. There have been times in the past few months that we have been encouraged knowing we have had people back home supporting us through their prayers.

We praise the Lord we, Jon and Nisha, have been able to get our visas (carnets)! This now enables us to start processing the kids. Please pray as we seek to do this in the next week, that there would be no delays and we can get their visas promptly.

We ask for wisdom while transitioning our homeschooling year into Peru’s school year, which happens to be March thru November. Our children are now finishing their school year and are looking forward to some time off. We have different groups from the States bringing more school curriculum down for us. Please pray for safe arrival of the school supplies.

Serving the Lord in Peru,

The Harris Family

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Peru Presidential runoff for 2011 has been decided

On Sunday, June 5th, Peru elected Ollanta Humala as their next President after narrowly defeating Keiko Fujimori by 51.5% to 48.5%. He will officially take office on July 28th, Peru's Independence Day. The country is in anticipation to see who he will elect as his board and if he will keep his word concerning helping the poor, lowering gas expenses, and helping Peru's economy to continue to grow. Although very close to Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez, Ollanta has said that he will not follow Venezuela's type of government but many in Peru fear that he will. Ollanta was heard saying after the election, “It’s not possible to say that the country is progressing when12 million people are living in miserable conditions without electricity or running water,” he told cheering supporters. But he also promised “a government of national consensus” that would “promote investment and the free market,which is the consolidation of the internal market”.

Once again, I'm reminded to pray for those in government so that we may live peaceably and honestly.