Thursday, August 2, 2012

Working on the camp land

We began the day in prayer for God's blessing.
 This was a work day to construct the chicken coup out at the camp land. This will be a tent making opportunity to help fund the camp.
 A generator was  necessary because the land is out in the country.
 There were brick layers as well as workers working on the metal roof.
 Ladies came to work on preparing the food as well as helping in other areas.

Hosting the boys/girls home at our house

Kids Alive program has a boys home and girls home in San Jeronimo. Many of them attend the church regularly. It was a blessing to have them over to our house.

 One of them was concerned for our plants (It's dry season) and wanted to water everything.

Our House used for Ministry

Our house has been opened for many occasions from church activities, visits, birthday parties, hosting neighbors and guests. 
Jon's dad built us this box hockey game that has been enjoyed by many who have come to our house.

 A couple of the single adults from the church sit around the fire for some fellowship while others use the zip-line over top of them and others play games around them.

 Volleyball is always enjoyed by the Peruvians.
 Jon's dad also made these boxes for tossing washers.
 The single adults from the church used our children's boxing gloves to settle matters in a fun way.
 Jon and Gary entertain the church teens with a match of their own.

 Jon continues with his devotional series on "Strengthening the Christian through the use of the Word of God". Gary follows up with some closing comments.

 It was such a blessing to see decisions made and prayers given from each on that night.

Views of the Harris House

We praise the Lord for the house made available to rent while we serve God in Peru. This picture was taken from our bedroom window on the second floor. It overlooks the four lane street and the workers working on putting a second floor apartment above the neighbors house.
 This is our backyard with Nathan painting on signs for his club house in the corner.
 This is our patio area where Matthew plays basketball on the low baskets, Jon entertains guests with the grill, and the kids ride their scooters during some free time.

This is a picture of the front of our house. Our landlady occupies the corner room with the garage door but the rest of the house is what we are renting. The second floor is our bedrooms. The door on the left leads into our offices where the kids have their school room and Jon will have his office. The middle door opens into a long hallway that leads to our back patio. The side door by the van leads into our living room.

 This is the view of looking down our street going into Andahuaylas downtown.
 This is the view of looking down our street going out of Andahuaylas.
 Our mini-van has been a blessing to not only our family but many others who have received rides.
 These are the views from behind our house.

 The baking of adobe bricks (out of mud and straw) just down the road in the back of our house.
 Katie and Nathan take advantage of a downed tree for playing.