Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam lies on the border of Arizona and Nevada. 
 We drove over the new bridge that bypasses the Hoover Dam. The walls on the bridge doesn't allow you to get a good view of the dam while passing. We drove down and over the dam before stopping and walking down the new bridge for some great pictures.

 Jon keeps asking the children for the time and if they know which State we would be in currently. It frustrated the kids at times because it constantly changed.

Visiting the West

We officially arrived out West in October. We began seeing different signs that reminded us that we had crossed over. Our kids pointed out the dinasors that attacked us when we were on deputation earlier. 

 We appreciate the Creator more when witnessing His splendor and majestic creation. The Grand Canyon was breath-taking.

 Of course, Nisha was concerned with our children running and playing by the edges of the canyon.

Visiting Pensacola Christian College

The third college that we visited on this "college tour" was Pensacola Christian College on October 13th. Our children like the sports center and the low tuition at this college. Matthew and Nathan were able to stay in the dorms for a night to get the college experience. We took the tour and visited some classes and enjoyed ourselves with the many activities offered.

Meeting new and old friends while traveling

Once again, our children were able to participate with youth activities and conferences. They have been able to meet so many new people. 

 We love being with old friends like the "Brough" family
 and Blanca and Mrs. Carlson.

Seeing Family while traveling

Nisha was able to spend some time with her "Mima" while traveling thru Tennessee in October. 
 We were also able to see her Aunt Pam with her two children.
 Jon was able to stop and see his Uncle Al, who is serving the Lord in Alabama.
 Our kids enjoyed some fun and relaxing times as well.

Matthew turns 16

On October 5th, our oldest son, Matthew turned sixteen years old. We are so thankful for Matthew and his servants heart. He is so good with children, loves sports, and is praying that God will call him into ministry. He was so excited when he became taller than his mother and is looking toward the day that he will be taller than his dad. 
We were able to celebrate his birthday by going to the Sight and Sound in Branson, MO. They were showing the story of "Jonah". He also went to the mall, picked out his restaurants (where his Aunt Renee embarrassed him by singing out loud and he ate as many black olives as he could), and played games.