Friday, September 13, 2013

Ministry in the Mountains

Pastor Kline and his daughter Sarah from Canada visits the ministry. Pictured below is Pastor Kline, Pastor Riggs, and Jon talking about their favorite college teams of Penn State, Ohio State, and Michigan. 
 In physical education at the school ministry, the students had to cross the imaginary river by using blocks of wood as stepping stones. It was encouraging to see them working together to get it done.

 Sarah Kline helping my wife teach the five year olds at school.
 The three and four year olds enjoy running and playing with the balls at P.E. class.

Stage work at the church

The stage needed a fresh look as the walls were painted, framing took place, and new lighting. 

 Adding lights behind the cross will make it reflect more.

Casa Hogar

Once a week, our family pays a visit to a children's home in our valley. The directors are members of the church and have a heart for the needy children. We are delighted to be involved in lending a hand for those who seek to make a difference in others. We are praying for one of the children who just lost their only parent left alive. 
We are playing games of dodgeball and carpetball in the pictures below. 

 The following pictures are of other activities done in the valley with friends.

More work on the bathroom

Franklin lends a hand to repair the bathroom which had a broken water line.
 Their are not too many plumbers who know what they are doing that live in the mountains.
 The tube before the shut off was broken and leaking continuously. We are hoping that all has been fixed and that the floor can be repaired soon so that the bathroom can be used once again.

Jon helps out watching little ones in the church at times

Jon noticed that some workers didn't show up to help with the children at the church and so he helped Nisha with some of the littler ones.

P.E. class with our boys (weight-lifting)

With our boys in 8th and 9th grade, we need to be offering a grade for physical education. A gymnasium for weightlifting has recently opened just 3/4 of a mile down from our house. Jon and the boys go down and lift three times a week. Jogging in the mountains is not the same as on sea level. You run out of oxygen much faster. 

Laptop trouble

Our laptop fell off a shelf and now the moniter is disfunctional. The picture below is an example of our screen saver and makes it very difficult to work with. Praise the Lord that the rest of the computer still 
works. We can buy another moniter to hook it up to.