Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Youth Group involvement

We're now transitioning from our ministries in the coast to our ministry in the mountains. There are two single adults who have agreed to take our youth group responsibilities. This week they are getting plans to put the next theme and competitions together. Pray that the transition is a good one. Our children have enjoyed teaching new games and participating with the youth at the church.

 Becca and Katie help Jon at the church ministry in Caraballyo on the coast.
 Mathew and Nathan playing around with the church children in Horeb.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Missions team formed

As church planting missionaries, we've been in prayer that God would form another missions team to start a church. While on a ministry trip, Jon met Samuel Vega, a Peruvian church planting missionary. Samuel Vega finished raising his support on deputation last year and began transitioning to Huancayo to establish a church. He has been praying to team up with others to see the work established. Jon and Samuel have agreed to work together to establish a new church in Huancayo. Please pray for the transition, unity, and the establishing of this church. 

House Hunting

Jon has taken two survey trips to the Mantaro Valley. Each has provided  specific direction and ministry opportunities but not the right housing. Jon has looked at over 30 different house possibilities with the help of Samuel, Daniel, and Markos (Pastors and Missionaries in the area). Each house, although having good qualities, revealed a negative that would cause conflicts. Conflicts like needing the landlord to live with us, no space for our vehicle or dog, needing too many repairs, getting the gringo price which is higher, next to bars, or just too big. Seriously, who is going to clean a house with six bathrooms and still have time for ministry? Jon has some really funny stories from these trips and new experiences. Please pray for us to find the right house soon. A special thanks to those pastors helping us with the transition.

Horeb Baptist Church ministries

Our church has something going on all the time... it seems. The months of June and July are filled with conferences, seminary, Christian school, work days, visitation, discipleship, church programs and activities, retreats, anniversary, and more. What a blessing to be a part of what God is doing in this ministry. Missionary Stan Templeton is pictured below for one of our conferences.
 The Christian School is named after a missionary hero from the past.

 Our church is currently involved in four church plants. One of the churches is saving to build on their property in anticipation of what God will do for them.
 Nathan enjoys assisting with the electronics in the church and events.

 Pictured below are the four church plants from our church with the Pastors sent to each church.

 Please pray for the upcoming conferences.

Nisha's Birthday

Nisha desired a quiet and relaxing birthday without cooking, schooling, ministry, hospitality, cleaning, etc... The rest of us survived knowing that she would be back the next day (lol). We've been spoiled by having such a great wife and mother. It was a delight to take her out to her favorite restaurant and spoil her throughout the day. 

 The same week of her birthday at the youth group meeting, the teens got a cake and celebrated it in their own way with songs and activities. Wherever we go and minister, Nisha will always be remembered for her cooking and involvement.

Jon provides the activity ideas and entertainment.

 Rebecca was mentioning that she had shoulder pain after the activities. I wonder why?