Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Jon was able to connect a zip-line that goes from the 2nd floor of our house across the yard on the 4th of July. You can imagine the many looks that we are getting from the neighbors. 
We invited all the North Americans over to our house from the church. We had 20 all together for the celebration.
 Many have used the fact that if the zip line held Jon that it was secure enough to hold anyone else who would try.
 Matthew, who is afraid of heights, was even willing to brave it and enjoys going on it.

 Jon breaks out the American flag for the celebration.
 The children enjoyed it when Jon threw gas on the wood to make a huge flame.

 The balloons, games, and of course fireworks were all part of the celebration on this night.

 We all grilled out hamburgers for dinner and were filled with all the great food.

Baptisms at the lake

Every three months the church has a service at the river or lake for a time of fellowship, picnic, games, and more importantly the testimony and baptisms of those who have been saved recently. 
Here is a picture of Nisha with one they call "Abuelita" which means grandmother.
 Matthew was so excited when his team went undefeated the whole time playing volleyball. That is Matthew spiking the ball in this picture.
 Nathan and the twins enjoyed playing by the edge of the water with the other children from the church.
 We all gather by the lake for songs, testimonies, and the baptisms.
 Gary explains the meaning and prerequisites of Baptism in the scriptures.

 There were six people who were baptized on this day.

 After the baptisms we gathered together for the meal. In this next picture they are serving a Peruvian pop called Inka Cola. Our children call it the bubble gum pop because it has the flavor of a bubble gum.
 Nisha helps with the serving.

 Caleb poses for a picture before devouring his food.

 Becca waits in the children's line for a chance to get her plate of food. Later on she had a dog sneak up to her plate and grab her piece of chicken.


Everyone should know that one of the prerequisites of a Pastor or Missionary is "hospitality". There are many times that we have not only invited families over to our house but have had them come and visit on their own. Many are intrigued with the games and the good fellowship to want to come back more often. 
 What a blessing to have the single adults from Jon's discipliship group come over often.
 Nisha is becoming well known with the church people for cooking and is asked by many of the church ladies of how to prepare certain desserts and dishes. Nisha invites them over to teach them and Jon benefits with the eating of it all!

One of the fun past times for our children is wrestle time with daddy. Too bad for daddy that they are getting bigger and are not as easy to beat up any more. Of course mom usually stays out of it but every once in awhile grabs the camera for pictures. 

Baby dedication in the church

In a deep traditional Catholic country like Peru, we many times have to explain the Biblical truths behind the beliefs in comparison with the Catholic church. One of these truths is seen in the dedication of babies and children rather than baptizing them as babies. Here Gary has the privilege assisting some parents in dedicating their two children to the Lord.

 The church gifts them with Bibles for their children and certificates to remind the parents of their commitment before the Lord.

Single Adults activity

Jon meets with the single adults in the church every Saturday for a time of Bible devotional, activity, food, and fellowship. There are normally about 15 that come regularly. For this activity Jon combines the two sports that are played the most in Peru; Volleyball and Soccer. 
Jon creates a game in the church by using the pews to make four square sections and plays volleyball rules with four teams of two battling each other and, oh yeah, uses a soccer beachball to peak their interest because of their love for soccer.

 Matthew and Nathan enjoy playing with the many neighborhood children in the back yard of our house. Here they are playing soccer when Jon took this picture from the roof of our house.

The plan of Salvation in Spanish

I have used the Bridge tract many times in the States for visitation but now am able to use the similiar idea in Spanish while in ministering in Peru. We were able to purchase the bigger Bridge tract in Spanish when we were in the States last. Jon has been able to lead some to the Lord by using it. The Peruvians are respectful and responsive when sharing the Scriptures.