Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Family Trip to the Lima Zoo

After family camp in Trujillo with our church and the opportunity to fellowship with Victory Baptist Church on the weekend, our family took a couple of days to see friends in Lima. Although it took an extra day in Trujillo to fix our car when the gas pump decided to die on us but thankful it was in a place where we had friends to assist us. 
While in Lima we went to the zoo with our friends Noe and Doris. It was a beautiful weather day and always funner when taking someone to do things for the first time. 

 This boat took us through a tunnel where they had a replica of the ruins "Machu Picchu".

 Our twins entertain themselves while floating on the water.
 We've a picture of our children in this same fountain from four years ago when they were so much smaller. Enjoying the time together while we have the chance because time goes by so quickly.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Visit to Trujillo

After a week of camp we were able to take a few days to tour and visit with Victory Baptist Church in Trujillo.
 Victory Baptist Church is pastored by Stephen and David Stillwell and is the sending church for Pastor Samuel at our church.  This church showed hospitality to us by housing our group, feeding us, and allowing us to worship together in the church.

 The Baptist Seminary in Trujillo has been around for many years training Peruvians who desire to minister in churches. It was a blessing to visit the campus and hear the history of this seminary.

 Our church was given the opportunity to take a service to share salvation testimonies, sing special music, lead songs, and preach.

 Jon preached in the service.

 Our tour of Trujillo included visiting the main plaza (that also had a McDonald's), the ruins of "Chan-Chan", and the beach of the Pacific Ocean.

 What a blessing to spend time together as a church outside of church services and better understand each other.

Family Camp (Part 3)

There was a banquet on one of the camp evenings. They introduced each couple individually, took pictures, teens did a drama and served, along with great fellowship and food. 

One couple arranged to be married by their pastor at the camp banquet. 
What a blessing to see the teens get more chances to serve.

The firework show was a good finale to the banquet and was greatly appreciated.
 The camp pictures brought all of us together to capture great memories.

 There were three sets of twins at the camp.

 Noe and Doris are friends of ours from Andahuaylas. We had the opportunity to disciple them individually in our house and rejoiced when they were married in Andahuaylas. They traveled to Trujillo to be with us at the camp and to visit us afterwards in Lima and Huancayo.
 A group picture of most of our church group at the camp.

 Nisha shows her overhand serve while playing volleyball at the camp.
 Nathan paints a shield at the camp.
 Our girls are like water bugs, they were in the pool each time it was open.
Each children's class gave a performance of things learned in their classes.