Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November Prayer Letter

We reflect back over these past couple of months and have much to be thankful for in the Lord. Since we last wrote, we have completed our trip out west presenting in churches in TN, TX, NV, CA, British Columbia-Canada, and MT. We rejoice in the safety God has given to us while traveling in the van over 10,000 miles. We’ve heard from three churches who have taken us on for support and others considering. We are at 89% of our updated support level, having met the minimum support requirement to leave. We are confident that God will provide our every need.

We have purchased our departure tickets and will be leaving for Peru from Detroit Metro Airport on January 6, 2011. We have a renewed zeal for we see a specific answer to our prayer of serving God in Peru. We thank those who have been praying for us and have sent financial support for our transition. We have seen God provide funding for our tickets, luggage, passports, apartment to be built in Peru, and a new computer. Once we arrive in Peru, we will need funding to furnish our apartment with beds/mattresses, table/chairs, stove, refrigerator, etc... We are limited to only two bags per person to take with us on the plane and have opted to not ship a container due to the expenses and timing.

We rejoice in finally getting our children’s birth certificates sealed by the Peruvian Embassy in order to process our visa paperwork in Peru. After a failed attempt at the San Francisco consulate, where our van got towed and ticketed, we were able to complete the process at the Chicago consulate. We look back at these times and see God working to teach us and to build our faith.

As mentioned in our last letter, we will not be going to Costa Rica for language training but will be spending our first year in Lima, Peru to process our paperwork and receive language training at EFATA Baptist Ministry from a private tutor. EFATA has already begun building us an apartment on their compound where we will be able to stay during our time with them.

Our children have experienced many adventures while on deputation and have witnessed God working in churches, in answered prayers, and in their own hearts. They have seen much of God’s creation while traveling. We’ve been able to celebrate the 12th birthday of our son Matthew on October 5th and the 9th birthday of our twins Becca and Katie on November 26th. Thank you to those who sent birthday cards and encouragement to them.

We were able to spend Thanksgiving in Michigan with our sending church, Jon’s family, and Nisha’s step-dad who came to visit. We thank all those who have been praying for Nisha’s family concerning the unexpected death of her mother who is now in Glory with her Savior.

Looking ahead at these days before departure, we will be presenting in churches in West Virginia and Ohio in December and will be in TN to have our exiting meeting with our mission board. Jon’s family has arranged for Christmas to be celebrated with all of his siblings in Wisconsin. Our home church will be having a sending off service on Sunday, January 2nd. As our computer ticker counts down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds to departure, we are sensing the urgency of finalizing our packing and storage, along with saying our farewells to family and friends. These days ahead will be filled with emotions and transitions but with assurance that God never changes and will be with us all the way.

For God’s Glory,
The Harris Family
Jon, Nisha, Matthew, Nathan, Becca, and Katie
Your Missionaries to Peru