Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Guinee pigs in Armour

I noticed on the news that E-bay was auctioning off guinee pig armour. The current bid was over $24,000. Peruvians have a hard time understanding why someone would go to such lengths to protect their food (as they eat guinee pigs here in Peru). I've tried explaining how some treat them as Mascots and spoil their pets. 

Others have said that guinee pigs are preparing for battle because 
they have heard how they are mis-treated in Peru. 

Sondor Show and Hang-gliding

 Each year they do a Quechua Show at the Chanka Ruins called "Sondor". This was our first time attending the show. It was neat to see and hear about their heritage. Our children especially enjoyed the opportunity to go hang-gliding off the mountains. They said they were a little scared at the take-off when the guide told them to run and jump off the mountain to get started.
The Llamas were even part of the show as they are such a part of their heritage.
Becca takes the time to pose with some of the actors. They find it amusing to see a white girl with light colored hair.

The reenactment of the battle scenes were pretty cool to see.

 The famous metal-scissored dance reminded me of those playing the spoons in the South.

 Nathan and Becca are in the air gliding over the mountains in this picture. I think this will be a memory they will remember for awhile.

Father's Day Program at the school

The school put together a Father's Day program. The children sang "Faithful Men" in Spanish and greeted their dad's in English. The school is mostly in English. 
 Some of the children were putting paper ties on their dad's.
 Crafts were handed out to show their appreciation.
 Nisha teaches arts and crafts at the school.

 Nisha made two big chocolate cakes for the program.

Children's past time

Our children seem to like living in the mountains. They get to go hiking and exploring.

 There is a Quechua Indian leading the cows down the mountain side. It's common to see the women and children watching over their animals out in the field.
 Matthew seems to enjoy the fact that they have basketball courts even though most Peruvians play futbal (soccer).

The Christian Concert in Andahuaylas

The group from the States (Mr. Wagner, Hannah, Ethan, Hope, Alicia, and Jon) were able to put on a Christian concert. The church hosted them for the concert on Friday and Saturday as well as being able to play in the nursing home and another Baptist church in another mountain town (Abancay). 
 Nisha was able to assist with the snacks, drinks, and door greetings.

 "Christian" a Peruvian musician, is considering the possibility of working in the church more permanently. We enjoyed hosting him at our house and for his service in the ministry while he was here.

 Ethan playing in the concert. We had 125 people come to the Friday concert and 186 come to the Saturday concert.

 Rueben is asked to video tape the concert.

 Alicia and Hope will be staying for two months to work in the church and provide music/instrument lessons.
 The Gospel message was given after each concert. Around 20 professions of faith were made. Please pray for their spiritual growth.

 Thankful for the group sharing their talents with us. God is pleased when we use our talents properly for His Glory.

 They didn't ask for me to play with them in the concert but I did get to pose with them afterwards for some fun shots.

 The two Jon's pretending to play instruments.
 The group of people who wanted to stay and hear more about the Gospel message and the changes that take place when God comes in their life.