Friday, May 31, 2013

Peruvian wedding

Many of the church members are realizing the will of God in marriage rather than just living together.

Jon and the groom just before the ceremony.
 Our girls spending time with the "grandmother" in the church
 Wedding party waiting to start escorting in to start the wedding. This was held at the new church rental property which is still in the transition phase of construction.

Jon constructing the church stage

It always starts with the drawing out of a plan and than buying the materials before assembling into your masterpiece.
Both Jon and Nisha are becoming more confident with using their skills.

 The girls enjoyed using the stage as a good hide-n-seek or fort until it was transported to the church.

Good Fellowship at the Lake

We were able to enjoy the good fellowship of Mark and Charity, visiting from the States; as well as some members from the church.

March Madness Basketball

We interrupt our marriage for friendly competition with the March Madness NCAA Basketball Tournament. Each of the family makes their picks along with our dogs and a visitor staying with us. 
 Nisha makes the snacks ahead of time, in order to be able to sit and enjoy the championship game with us.
 Matthew not only scored the most points with his picks this year but scored on our outside basketball hoop while playing with the guys from his basketball team.
 The team came over to watch a few games with us, as we hooked up the internet to the projector and shined it on the wall. The basketball team here now have been converted to being Michigan fans and want to make their new team uniforms Maize-n-Blue. I overheard them playing outside pretending to be the Michigan players.

 Our dog poses for a picture with a Peruvian that has the same name. It was funny to see them both respond when called. I told our dog to leave the house and saw our visitor leaving because he thought I was talking to him.

Family Day at Sondor --Inca Ruins

Our dog "Max" even enjoys the family trips to the Ruins. 

 The llama's and apaccas are normally seen at the higher altitudes but occasionally seen in our area as well.

 Our "adopted" Peruvian son pictured with our children at the lake.
 Matthew playing inside the Ruins of Sondor.

 Matthew might have another career as photographer.
 Rebecca tries out her slingshot from the top of the mountain and watches how far it goes.

The beginning of a new school year

In  Peru, the school year begins in March and ends in December. Abundant Life Christian School started this year with 32 students of ages 3-6. It's a blessing to have the new rented facility with extra space. 

Nisha is teaching in the school.

 Jon and the kids are assisting with physical education classes and helping in chapel times.