Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Home again Home again jiggity jig

After some vacation time with Jon's family in Florida and taking a couple of days as a family to visit some parks while traveling back to Michigan, we arrived home with some big tasks ahead of us. Knowing our departure in January is during the winter season in Michigan, we have the task of moving out of the church mission house by selling off all the items that we are not taking with us to Peru during the summer. We are praying for wisdom during this time of transition and strength to let go of items that we cannot keep.

Lord provides even Lodging

We look back on our trip these past two months and once again see how the Lord provided us with safety in traveling over 4,000 miles and lodging in some wonderful mission houses. One family even heard of our need and provided lodging at a hotel when we drove thru their area. God showered us with blessings by providing not only a place to stay but places where we could be refreshed and relax as a family. We thank all those who allowed themselves to be used by God to meet our needs. We are grateful for your kindness.

Mission Conference in Currytown, NC

What a blessing to have a part in the mission conference at Currytown Baptist Church where we were able to sing music, share our calling, go soul-winning, and enjoy the preaching from Don Sisk. Friendships were made and the fellowship opportunities were a delight. There were fourteen missionary families at the conference and the most MK's (missionary kids) we have seen in one conference. The church picnic at the park provided a blessing for extra fellowship with the church and the missionaries where a small bird was rescued by MK's from a drain. The town is known for their ceramic pig displays throughout the area. Over 100 ceramic pigs but we only took enough time to see 30 of them.
It was a blessing to see the Holy Spirit work in hearts during the conference and see many decisions made at the altar before the Lord. It was a joy to hear of them take us on for support.