Saturday, September 11, 2010

Moving Update

The moving sale has come finally as our children have been announcing it for months it seems. They helped put a lemonade stand together and painted it. They enjoyed being a part of the sale by demonstrating many of the toys for customers. They also felt like salesmen with blunt statements as when dad quoted a price to a customer for an item that one of our children announced mom priced cheaper earlier. The children want to find out how much we make each day financially and what their cut will be for letting go of many of their toys.
Each day shows more signs of our departure day quickly approaching. The children were delighted to see their passports come in the mail. The dreaded day of Hep A shots came for all the children, who have been praying for the courage to not be overcome with fear. It didn't help to have all four in the same room together to see each other get the shot but they all did very good. God answered their prayers.
Jon is flying out to Baptist Missionary Transportation to rent a full size van for our trip out west these next two months. We don't believe that our car would make the long trip. This will allow us to put our car up for sale earlier. We will be traveling as a family from Michigan to Tennessee and than on to Texas. We will presenting in churches throughout California and British Columbia the next couple of months as well.
We thank all those who pray for us.