Monday, January 7, 2013

Single Adults Church Christmas Party

We hosted the Single Adults Christmas Party at our house with pizza, games, gifts, and great fellowship.

 The Plaza De Armas in the center of Andahuaylas finally decorated with a tree and some lights the week of Christmas.

A Christian Christmas Carol performed by the church

Scrooge in A Christmas Carol has now been translated into the Spanish version of A Christian Christmas Carol. It was performed and put together by the members of the Abundant Life Baptist Church here in Andahuaylas, Peru. Our church worked hard together to make this possible. There were three nights of the presentation of the drama. The drama ended with a Gospel message each night.

 Matthew, Nathan, and Jon headed up the props and stage crew for each night. We wore dark clothes and changed each of the scenes.
Being behind the curtain gives a different perspective of each of the characters as they prepare their make-up, lines, and facial expressions.

 We had to rent the town theater in order to perform the drama and to have enough seating available. There were a hundred guests the first night, two hundred the second night, and three hundred guests for the last presentation.

 Practicing our facial expressions from happy to grumpy.

The choir had to practice hard to learn their parts as most Peruvians have not been taught to read music or sing properly.  It was such a blessing to see their hard work and commitment come together.

We are praying that the Holy Spirit works in hearts of many Peruvians who were able to hear the Gospel during these nights of the drama.

The Mexican minister to the church

We got a chance to observe as the Mexicans ministered in the church with songs, preaching, and teaching the children's classes.

Working in the rain

Rainy season seems to have come early this year and has caught many unprepared. This picture was taken just outside our house. Our neighbor hired a crew to cement the roof to his house. They were getting the water from the creek behind our house to mix the cement and had guys carry the prepared cement in buckets to the top of his house. All of this was done in the rain which can come unexpectedly at any time.


When the Greenwood's took a trip into Lima to buy a pick-up truck, we asked for them to get our van some new tires as they didn't have our size of tires in Andahuaylas and it was cheaper to buy them from the city. Our girls went with Jon to see our old tires be replaced with the new ones. 

 Old tires (not ours) have been used during strikes to block roads and create a nasty smell and black smoke. These pictures were taken just down the road from our house this December.

Max falls from the roof

It was one early December morning and all through the house.  Not a creature was stirring except for our dogs on the roof-top barking at something below. When all of a sudden the barking stopped and Jon heard a "thud" on the ground from outside. He arose from his bed and spotted our five month old dog "Max" lying still on the road. As Jon went out to inspect him, he discovered that he was still alive but that one of his legs was completely broken and that he needed some love and attention. We called the vet who came to the house to assist. Praying for his recovery as the vet said that it was a miracle that "Max" did not die from a fall from the third floor.

 We had to explain that our second dog was named "Miracle" and he was the one who probably pushed him off the roof while they were playing.

Children's Sunday School Class

Becca coloring her Bible Story Picture with her class.
 Katie coloring her picture and talking with her classmates.
 Nathan pondering which crayon to use for his picture in class.

Memories and Magnets

The children would like to start practicing instruments once again. They are seen playing from what they already know.

Sick Bay

You know that it has gotten bad when your children have drawn pictures and have dedicated a room in the house to be the "sick bay". With the change of weather that takes place here in the mountains, it gets easy to catch a cold or stomach flu. It just happened that Matthew caught the sick bug and was isolated from the others for a couple of days until he felt better but wouldn't you know-it that he would still pass it to another to get sick. It went from Matthew to Mom and Katie, from Katie to Nathan, and Nathan to Becca. Somehow Dad escaped from getting sick at this time.