Friday, August 29, 2014

Sight and Sound Theatre

The Sight and Sound Theatre in Pennsylvania was pretty good. We were able to see the Bible story of Moses come alive. Katie was able to see and get the autograph of the actor who played "Moses" in the parking lot after the show. 

Family in West Virginia

Jon's Aunt Kathy and her daughter Trisha's family live in the West Virginia and Virginia area. We were able to enjoy some swimming and fishing with them.

 Whistling the Andy Griffith song while heading down to the fishing pond.

 Matthew caught the biggest fish on this day.

 It was encouraging to see Aunt Kathy come see us present our ministry at the church.

Ministering in churches while in Peru

We were at Faith Baptist in Fredericksburg, VA enjoying some good fellowship.

 What a blessing to see those who were baptized and to participate in the services.

 What a good time of fellowship at the buffet.
 Our children are getting more involved by playing the piano and telling stories about Peru.

Strange things are happening

We have encountered some strange things happening while traveling. We were able to meet Alicia who we first met in Peru while on a missions trip.

 Our tarantula spider broke its glass frame. While Becca was setting up our display at a church, she cried out that the spider was lose which made people wonder where it was. Jon was able to get it fixed later on so that we still could use it on our table display.
 Jon was able to capture this dragonfly which landed on the hose.
 We took a sports coat and some ties to the dry cleaners but was not able to pick them up on time Friday. The dry cleaners were not opening until Monday which was after our departure time. We had to call them and explain that we would pick them up later when coming thru the area next.
 We have seen some crazy things out there like ...

 Our children working the exercise machine together.
 Nisha decides to have a cook off contest with Ken in making barbecue sauce and homemade pizza.
 Ken tells our children the three bear story in his own special way.
 Missionary offering being counted out. It was $186 of coins.
 The praying mantis at the gas pump was one of the biggest we've seen.
 Nisha, with two chili dogs(she was holding them for Jon!), at the baseball game. Thank you Currytown Baptist for allowing us to participate with the church activities.
 Our girls are eating ice cream and popcorn out of baseball hats.
 The all-nighter activity at the church included wiffleball, nacho's, baseball, bubblegum blowing contest, etc...

 Spending some extra time with some second cousins in West Virginia.

Computer gets fixed

We happened to be close enough to an Apple repair store to take our computer in to get checked. Our laptop fell off a shelf while in Peru resulting in the monitor not working properly. The repair shops in Peru wanted to repair it by simply replacing it for a huge price. 
What a blessing to take it to the repair store in the States and have it cleaned and fixed for free. Yes, for free. We now have a working laptop again. Nisha was able to get an Ipad for the price that we were expecting to repair our laptop. 

Furlough opportunities

 Furlough provides many opportunities to minister and to be ministered to. Jon has enjoyed preaching in English once again each week. We have been in over 20 churches within the last two months.

In our travels, we've been able to get re-aquainted with friends and church families. Pictured below is  Jon's high school classmate named Brenda who is living in South Carolina. 
 We are exposing our children to as many Christian based college campuses while traveling. We realize that our next furlough trip will probably be when our oldest two will be pursuing colleges.

 We have received our home-schooling materials in the mail and will be starting on August 12th. Our children were curious to see the materials and help Nisha with organizing it all.
 Nisha has found many different ways to keep us on schedule with cleaning clothes, schooling, and meals. What a blessing to have such a wonderful wife and mother.
 Jon likes knowing that the kids are able to participate in many different activities and seems to always look on the bright side of life. Accentuate the positive and don't mess with the negative. If you look for the blessings, you might be surprised at the abundance that surrounds you.

 What a blessing to fellowship with the Aynes and Hagenbush Families in North Carolina. We served together in a church in Indiana back in the 90's.

 Our children have been adjusting very nicely to the many different changes in travel. They have done school and have slept now in the van, church buildings, homes, hotels, etc...
 Serving the churches in many different ways, We are thankful to see our children using their gifts for the Lord.