Saturday, December 26, 2009

So this is Christmas?!

What a time of year to focus on Christ and to spread the joy of the Gospel message. I sometimes wonder how we fit so much in such a short amount of time. Our Christmas Season was filled with many delightful moments. We were able to be back in Michigan where we have family and our sending church during the month of December. We have been involved in our church choir, preaching, Christmas contada, Christmas Children's Program, Chimes choir, and part of the church clean-up crew. We found ourselves caroling to our neighbors and sharing gifts of baked goods. Nisha put much effort into sewing clothes and baking (chocalate chip cookies, strawberry bread, sugar cookies, buckeyes, and even a turkey). All turned out exceptional in the celebration of Christmas. We thank all who had a part with prayers, gifts, cards, etc... in making this Christmas one of the best as our children would say (of course they wish it could be like this all year but adults know that we would never survive). We thank the Lord Jesus for coming to earth through the virgin birth and giving His life to make Salvation from Sin possible for all who believe that He is the Son of God; for this is why Christmas is worth celebrating.

Monday, December 7, 2009

December Prayer Letter 2009

Dear Fellow Laborers of the Gospel, December 2009

Paul wrote in Philippians 1:6, “Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:”

We are thankful for the many promises in God’s Word to hold onto. We thank those, who with patience have seen God work in and through our lives to bring us to the place of ministry today. This Thanksgiving reminded me of the many individuals that God brought into my life to strengthen my spiritual walk, some from childhood. I thank you for being a part of our ministry of spreading the Gospel. There is nothing better than knowing you are where God wants you, doing what He wants you to do and seeing Him order your steps. I pray more folks would be saved and God would call faithful men into the ministry.
I know missionaries, whether on deputation or on the field, want to have successful ministries, but it takes time, patience, prayer, the Holy Spirit, and many sorrows and tears along the way. We thank God for His Calling and the vision He has given us to plant churches in Peru. The process of deputation has been long and difficult, but we have seen God working in and through us along the way. We rejoice in sharing with you that our support level has increased to 80%. We are currently scheduling meetings through 2010 and have set the departure date for January 2011. We’re excited to begin making arrangements for the departure date such as selling some of our home items this summer, applying for our visas, and receiving details about starting things anew in Peru. With electricity in Peru running on 220amp rather than our 110amp it has reduced many things we would take with us. We ask for prayer in making wise decisions in the process of transition.
I know it is God’s will to finish what He has called us to do. We are thankful for your faithful support in prayers and finances to seize this opportunity and make it a reality. God has used you to encourage us while ministering to churches on deputation. We have been in Virginia and Michigan conferences in October and a month of meetings out in California thru November. We are praying the churches we have presented in would see fit to support us to make it possible for an even sooner departure date. We realize it takes money for churches to be planted and ask that more churches would consider partnering with us financially.
As we’ve just celebrated Thanksgiving and have given God thanks for His bountiful blessings, our hearts grieve over many not able to see God’s mercies and His saving Grace in Peru and our own country. May God give us eyes to see the needs of others as we approach this next holiday and seek to keep Christ in Christmas.
Thank you to all those who pray for us and our work for God. I had a lady who just this week came and told me that she has been praying for us every day. It is so encouraging to hear of your thoughts and prayers for us and believe that God honors those prayers as they line up to His Word and Will.

Twins 8th Birthday!

Our Twin Girls, Rebecca and Kathleen, turned eight years old on Thanksgiving Day this year. It was exciting for them to be able to celebrate with so many family members. Nisha's mom and stepdad along with her sister Heather's family came to visit from Rockford, Illinois to Ypsilanti, Michigan where Jon's parents live. Our children enjoy spending time with their cousins which most are close to their age. One cousin, Peter, was born the day after the twins at the same hospital. We thank God for our twin girls who have a Salvation testimony, a love for God, and a desire to share it to the Peruvians when the time comes.