Saturday, June 23, 2012

Jon's 40th Birthday Party

Thank you to all on Facebook who wished Jon a Happy Birthday. Thank you also to all those who took the time to send Jon birthday cards and greetings. A special thank you to Mike and Lavonia Smith who somehow has been able to faithfully send Jon a birthday card each year even though he has been in other States on his birthday and now in another country. 

 Jon celebrated the day before his birthday with his family because he wanted to enjoy his thirties one last time. Interesting enough that it is the same week as the anniversary of Andahuaylas, Peru which provided fireworks and activities to go to.
On June 22nd, his birthday, we had a party at the house with neighbors, church members, and anyone else that knew Jon. Nisha prepared pizza, cakes, popcorn, chips, and plenty of drinks for the party while our children did the decorating. You would have thought that it was a party for a child but Jon likes celebrating his youth still.

 There were many games made available at the party from rope swings, volleyball, soccer, teatherball,
 box hockey, basketball,
 and even golf.

 A common game that the children like to play here in Peru is called "tops". Round plastic pieces put on the floor while others use their piece to make them flip over.
 Nisha brought out photo's to show that Jon was skinny at one time.
 Jon opens up presents from the party.
 Chocolates and snacks were common gifts.
 One child gave Jon his puzzle with numbers and fruit pictured on it. Jon used it to practice his Spanish with the children.

Jon becomes a godparent

Meet "Angel". Angel approached Jon about becoming his godparent. A custom that is done here in the mountains during the first year of university students. They ask the students to find someone to be their godparent and signify this by cutting their hair at a ceremony at the university. The students get points for their grade if done so. 
 Jon was not expecting the ceremony to be something like this. They lock the student in a stock aide and than ask the godparent if they are willing to accept the responsibility and then ask if they would pay to be the one to cut their hair. They than would auction off the opportunity to cut their hair to anyone else as well. Other students bid who wanted to get a chance to shave or give a ridiculous cut to the student. After the person pays the amount and cuts the students hair they than pour a bucket of nasty mix (of eggs, manure, and plants) down the long gray tubes from the third floor onto the students head.
 Gary has told Jon that this is not what he went through for the times he was asked to be a godparent but that each university must do it differently.

 Jon wins the bid.
 Jon pays to cut his hair.
 Jon is only given about 10 seconds to do the cutting but is very kind and does only a trim.

And even though his brother was trying hard to move the tube so that his brother would not get messy, he could not avoid "Angel" from getting the nasty mess dumped all over his head. 
I was asked by Angel afterwards if our universities in the States had any similar customs. I responded that we have down some weird activities but none of which would be required for a better grade.

Anniversary of the town of Andahuaylas, Peru

Anniversary celebrations are everywhere in Peru. They celebrate anniversaries of schools, universities, businesses, districts, towns, matrimonies, etc... every year and they are Big. This week was the anniversary of Andahuaylas; pennants were hung, balloons everywhere, the town flags was hung, fireworks, and they even opened the soccer stadium to have a show from business venders and important town people speaking. It provided a good opportunity to interact with others.

 Of course our children liked the fact that some carnival games came into town for the anniversary.

Market Day

Each weekend there is a large market set up here in the valley. There are times that you will find surprising things such as this guy who brought his trained monkey out to pass out fortunes for tips.
 Nisha likes to pick up her fruit and vegetables from the stands.
 Tarps are set up to make stands all throughout the market.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Receiving our first mail in the Mountains

Nisha and I got word that their was mail sent to us from the States. We went to Serpost (the post office) to pick it up. Mail doesn't get delivered to your house but only to Serpost and you only are aware of it if you stop and ask the post office if any has come in for you.
 We received two letters on our first visit to Serpost.

Church Youth Group Camping trip

The church youth group and single adults classes joined together for a camping trip. The guys would go out to the camp ground on Friday night and Ladies would join them on Saturday afternoon to be together and than the Ladies would go camping Saturday night and return Sunday morning. 
The guys had rain all night but were able to enjoy some sun in the morning to play some games. There was hail for a short while in the afternoon when the ladies were there setting up for their night. The ladies didn't get any rain all night but was still cold. 
This is a picture of Matthew with the bonfire on the guys night out.
 Eison is preparing some food down by the river.
 Matthew enjoyed cutting trees with the ax and machete the next morning.
 Danny preparing a fire for breakfast.

 The guys so desired to be able to catch fish in the river but none was to be found.

 Some guys didn't want to get out of their tents right away.
 Edwin delighted in finding wood for the girls fire.
 Paul tosses an american football around with some of the guys.
 Edwin gives a lesson how one should never go camping unprepared.
 Guys cooking eggs for breakfast over the fire.

 Breakfast time becomes an entertaining show of who could cook their egg the best. Style points of being able to flip your egg with the pan and catching it in your bread were awarded by big wows and sighs.
 Matthew takes his turn at cooking and flipping his egg.
 Jon introduces American Flag Football to the guys who still ended up tackling before taking the flag off.

 The testimony time and Christian fellowship was enjoyed during this camping trip.