Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Cookies

Each year we make and decorate Christmas Cookies which later turns into a fun flour fight. The girls are realizing the difficulty in getting the flour out of their hair later. Nisha enjoys teaching others how to make the cookies. 

 Matthew misses the snow back in Michigan and as a substitute he uses the flour from the fight to make snow angels.

 Nathan is good at drawing and uses his skills in cookie carving.

Oh, in case you were wondering, Dad won the flour fight that Katie started.

Christmas with the Church

What a privilege it has been to minister and serve God and the people at "the Potter's Baptist Church". Each year during Christmas time we as a church go out and evangelize by passing out tracts, setting up tables to counsel, holding banners in the streets, giving gifts, and enjoying the fellowship together. 
We visited a few parks to share the Christmas story in the community.
 Matthew and Nathan are holding the red Christmas banner from our church on this busy street corner.
 Many from the church came and helped spread the good news.

 The chocolate fountain was able to be used during our Church Christmas Party.
 What a great time of games and fellowship together as a church.

 Sharing gifts with each other at the "White elephant" gift exchange.

 Our twin girls took the time to make pillows for gift bags.

Nisha gets new glasses

Nisha was able to get new glasses. After much saving and much anticipation, the need of new glasses was finally met as a gift for Christmas. She is extremely grateful to be able to see clearly now. Her prescription increased to trifocals and will take some getting used to them.

Celebrations with friends

Peru finishes their school years just before Christmas. We were able to attend graduations, birthdays, and other activities throughout December.

 What a blessing to put together "Care Packages" as a family for those in the church and with needs.