Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jon's visit to Peru, South America

Jon had the opportunity to visit Peru on a short missions trip due to a break in our schedule and someone providing designated funds. He was able to assist the Greenwood's in their reconstruction of their upcoming church building , make jail visits, go on visitation, preach and share testimony in churches in Peru, encourage Missionaries , and be encouraged as well.
Jon was able to visit with the Greenwood's, Chapman's, Brock's, and Kotvas Missionary Families who serve in Peru to glean information to better prepare for our departure into Peru.

Nathan's 9th Birthday

We celebrated Nathan's 9th birthday as a family in Georgia just before Dad left for a missions trip to Peru. Chuck-E-Cheese provided some excitment but being together as a family made it a memorable time. We thank those of you who sent birthday cards and wishes to let us know that you are thinking of our children as they serve with us.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Florida Meetings in the Summer

Our family packed the station-wagon once again for meetings scheduled in Florida throughout June and July. We praise the Lord once again for the safety in traveling and provisions with food and lodging along the way. We started at New Hope Baptist and Crossroads Baptist in Jacksonville and also had the opportunity to enjoy fellowship at Trinity Baptist with Mr and Mrs Gibson. We made our way down to Orlando where we needed to do repairs on the car and witnessed the ministry of Pastor Stockton at LockHaven Baptist. We presented our ministry in Port St. Lucie and enjoyed fireworks and eating at Chick-fil-a. We thank Pastor Buchanan for the use of his house during our stay.
What a joy it is to meet with Peruvians on our deputation trail and have the opportunity to minister to them. As was the case at First Baptist with Pastor Tom Odom allowing us to present our ministry and seeing a Peruvian lady trust Christ as her Saviour.
Our Home Church connections reach even into Florida where we spent some time with Scott Phillips who is serving God on a Boy's Ranch and was a tremendous encouragement to our family.
Vacation Bible School at Berea Baptist in Palm Harbor allowed Jon to Preach and share Jungle Stories with the children and Nisha to serve in the nursery. It was a highlight of our trip to have the privilege to serve. Our children were excited to see the wild animals (Tigers, snakes, and gators), take a boat trip out on the Gulf of Mexico, and visit an aquarium to pet the sting rays.
We finished meetings in Southern Florida at Lake Placid with Pastor knickerbocker and Pastor Spencer in Okeechobee before making our way to the Northern Pan-handle. This allowed us to visit a teen in our previous youth group as a student at Pensacola Christian College. Our children enjoyed the sport center activities on the campus.