Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Rest home ministry

We're usually the ones blessed when visiting the rest home. We go to sing songs, read the Bible, pray, and spend some time with the elderly. 
 It's so encouraging to see the attitudes of the elderly who insist on having their own chance to pray, sing, and share testimonies of what God has done for them.

Market Day

We normally like to go to the market on Saturday mornings because of less people and we get first pick of potatoes, fruits, and vegetables. Our girls are a big help in picking out and eating the fruit.

Music lessons at the church

Christian, a single man form Lima,  has been hired to teach and conduct the music at the church. He is currently teaching violin as well as other instruments to those interested. Matthew has enjoyed the choir even more since Christian has started directing.

First Day of Institute Class

There are some adults in the church who are interested in learning more about the Bible and possibly pursuing full-time ministry. Please pray for these students and couples to be strengthened in the knowledge of God and His Word this year in the Bible Institute.

 The first class is being Skyped from a jungle church in Peru with Missionary Buddy Fitzgerald as the teacher. He also has some students being taught at the same time.
 Students are realizing that this is an Institute and will have homework, tests, and quizzes.
 What a set-up with projectors, microphones, textbooks, etc...

The start of a new school year in Peru

After the facilities were prepared, the school began on March 10th with around 75 students (up from the 40 from last year). Nisha will be teaching Mathematics and Art to the five year olds. Jon will be teaching Physical Education to all the classes. 

 Teachers make final touches on their room decorations before the students arrive.

 Rachel, from Venezuela, is teaching the six year olds class in the church auditorium until their classroom is finished being built.
 Parents of the three year olds wait to see the adjustments to the first day of school.
 Registration on the first day is always hectic with having to answer so many questions (where do I go? Who do I pay? When does it start and finish? etc..)

 Meeting together for the first chapel and orientation time in the auditorium.

 Five year olds seem to be ready to go for day one of school.

 Four year olds are still making adjustments.

 Jon realizes that teaching P.E. to three year olds will take patience and the help of each of our children.

 Matthew is really good at playing with the students. He wears his superhero cape and allows the students to chase him.
Of course, when he gets caught by them it turns into a great big pile-up.

 But even those watching seem to enjoy the time  Matthew gives to them.

Church work days

With the Christian school starting in March, a lot of work needed to be done to prepare the facilities. Pictured below are those who helped sand the tables/walls/floors for refurbishing.
 They also took the opportunity to sell chicken dinners to raise money for the school.

 Extra classrooms needed to be built to meet the demands of the extra students who registered.

 Walls were repainted and floors varnished for the new school year to begin.

Soccer Academy

Our children have enjoyed being a part of the city soccer league. 
 They brought cakes, cookies, and drinks to practice for fellowship.