Thursday, March 10, 2016

Campomento de professionales 2016

We always enjoy taking trips to the coast as it provides American Restaurants, bigger shopping malls, and a different scenery. Matthew is pictured below enjoying eating at "Chili's".
 This trip was for the single adults camp in Huaral, Peru. We provided many different games that the Peruvians had never experienced before. It was a blessing to make new friends and enjoy the times with old ones. So thankful that nobody broke an arm or got injured this year.

 Jon not only led the activities and points for the week but was able to counsel and teach the Scriptures.

 What a blessing to work with Horeb Baptist Church during this week. There were 239 campers that participated in camp along with over 20 helpers.

 The sunset over the Pacific ocean while traveling back from camp.

Trip to Huaral for camp 2016

There are five different routes from our city in the mountains to get to the coast. Three of the five routes were closed due to the extensive rain causing holes in the road and mud slides. Matthew and Jon were scheduled to be at a camp and needed to travel to the coast. A trip that normally would take seven hours ended up taking fourteen hours by taking a different route. Even though the route provided beautiful scenery and wild animals, it was difficult driving on the one lane road on the mountain cliffs with no guard rails. It didn't help that Jon had pneumonia which drained him of his energy. Thanking God for providing safety.

Iglesia Bautista El Alfarero en Huancayo

What a privilege it has been to serve God by being a missionary in this church. God has allowed us to rent this building for a low offering from a Christian School. It has come to our attention that the building will not be available to us after this December. We are praying that God will reveal another place for us by that time.