Tuesday, March 13, 2018

EFATA Camp for Teenagers

EFATA Baptist Church hosted their own camp at a hacienda near the Pacific Ocean. Jon was asked to direct all the games and activities as well as teach in a session. 

 The hacienda had quite a few different chapels and castle like buildings.
 Jon checking out the beach for the possibility of having an activity with the teens.

 Pastor Mark Rader playing "Can Slam" the frisbee throwing game.

 Robinson shared with Jon the future location for another church.

What a blessing to serve God in this camp. We praise Him for the many spiritual decisions that were made and the christian fellowship enjoyed throughout the week.

Family Time in Lima

After the BIMI Field Conference we took some time as a family to take in some sights in Lima, the capital city of Peru. 

 The Water Park provides many water fountains and historical facts about Peru.

 We enjoyed going to an american restaurant in Peru, Johnny Rocket hamburgers.

Downtown Lima!

Nisha and the girls returned to Huancayo while Jon and Nathan stayed in Lima to help with camps and to take a jungle missions trip.