Saturday, January 30, 2010

D.C. to New York City to Niagra Falls in three days!

Our cup was overflowing with blessing as we departed Independent Baptist in Maryland and began to make our way to Yonkers, New York. We were able to enjoy dinner fellowship with a host family whom we met up with in Baltimore. While in Yonkers, New York, we were given a tour of New York City by Pastor Dierking. We somehow fit in one day the Natural Museum, Central Park, Times Square, and everything in between. Needless to say, that our feet were sore from all the walking but our children slept good that night. The next day was spent traveling to our next mission conference in Simcoe, ON Canada. We were given the opportunity to stop and see Niagra Falls in the Winter time as we traveled through. Jon was stopped at the border crossing for giving too much detailed information but was able to work it all out eventually.

Traveling Protection through the storms!

As we conclude our meetings for the month of January, we reflect on God's Goodness to us. God gave to us traveling mercies especially noticed when coming over a hill and seeing a car in our lane attempting to pass a semi. Without adequate time for either of us to stop the car took our shoulder of the road and began fish tailing while applying their brakes. We found ourselves driving between the semi and car to escape a head on collition. We have drove over three thousand miles within the last two weeks and have seen our share of snow storms for this winter but through it all God protected.

Our time at Bethel Baptist in Simcoe, ON was a blessing. Their mission conference is one to be a part of in order to see their parade of nations, good preaching from Dr. Sisk, delightful fellowship, and heartfelt compassion towards missionaries. We are praying to hear back from them as possible supporters of our ministry.

We have seen God open up an unexpected meeting in Indiana in our travels and the blessing of presenting in Greenland Baptist in IL where God was being worshipped out in the farmland with some dear people. We find ourselves at our home in Michigan where we have two days to unwind, refresh, host a missionary family at our church, and repack for a trip back into Canada.

Thank you all for your time in reading this update and your continual prayers on our behalf.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Missions Conference in Maryland

We spent a full week at a mission conference at Independent Baptist Church in Clinton, Maryland where we were so blessed to serve and be served. The conference gave opportunity for us to share our ministry in the Christian School classes and chapel, preach in Spanish Church, preach to bus teens, and share calling and testimony during church service, meal times, and fellowship gatherings. We witnessed the Love for God within the church by their heart for missions and care for the missionaries. We found ourselves being overcome with abundant generosity by the church toward the missionaries. We express our gratitude for going beyond our expectations and reaching into overflowing blessings. I only hope that when the times come into our lives when we find ourselves lacking or discouraged that our memory of God's blessings will encourage us to remain faithful and endure to the end. We are thankful for the support and the willingness to co-labor with us in the spread of the Gospel.
We will be traveling to Ontario, Canada to our next mission conference beginning on Wednesday.