Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Celebrating birthdays

It seems as if there's a Birthday or Anniversary (of someone or something) celebrated each day. It's not hard to find some reason to have a fiesta.

Starting up a new Church Youth Group Program

The next few months will be dedicated to refresh the program of the youth group. The theme of "Crazy Fruits" has been chosen. The program is filled with special speakers, great snacks (by Nisha), and crazy competitions (by Jon) each week.

 Nelida and Nisha prepare the snacks for the teens.

The Resurrection Celebration

We attended a Christian drama reenacting the crucifixion of Christ with our neighbors in April.

What a great time to witness to many of the Peruvians who desire to know the truth of who the Savior of the world is. 
Jon introduced Nisha to "the world of chocolates" store close to our house. It's filled with many of the American candies not sold in many stores in Peru. 
 Nisha singing with the ladies choir at church.
 Our girls still enjoy decorating Easter eggs with Dad.

 Rebecca puts an Easter Basket together for Nisha as a surprise.
 Celebrating the Lord's Supper to remember the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of our Lord.
 We enjoyed hearing the special music in our church. What a blessing to see those using their talents for the Lord.
 Matthew enjoys being a part of the church choir and participated in the Resurrection Cantada in our church.

 Jon hosted an Easter egg hunt for our neighbors. What a great time together.

Getting the van approved and fixed

With the help of our neighbors and friends from the church, we were able to get all of our van paperwork and repairs done. The van needs to be washed daily when living in the desert coast of Peru. Our neighbor asked if he could do it for us.  
 Our other neighbor closed his Christian bookstore for several days so he could accompany Jon to get paperwork done downtown. The process of getting our van approved took over a month which included visiting seven different offices and paying five different banks. Needless to say we were both smiling when all was approved and settled.
Daniel, a single adult from our church, accompanied Jon to get the van repaired for their upcoming missions trip. The radiator had a hole in it and needed to be replaced, liquids changed, fan wires fixed, along with other minor changes. 

So thankful God has allowed us to have a vehicle!

Ministries in Los Olivos

What a blessing to have young people come to our house for fellowship from the church.
 The seminary classes each week at the church are training many to be able to serve in the ministry.

 Jon is photographed preaching to the teens in the church.

 The single adult group is growing in the church and is a great time of fellowship each week.

 Jon has the privilege of preaching to the adults each week.

Different views about "Cuy" Guinea Pig

Our time up in the mountains of Peru with fresh raised "Cuy".
Our time in the coast of Peru where "Cuy" is served in stores.
How our girls view "Cuy" as pets not food.