Thursday, March 30, 2017

Church Ministries 2017

 What a blessing to once again see the growth of the church with three new members joining. Please pray for Yasser, Peter and Katie as they serve God in the church. The church now has 26 members and over 50 on the attendance rolls.
The church has started a children's program, men's leadership program and a youth program this year. Please pray for the expanded growth of the church and the development of these programs.

Church Couples Retreat 2017

There were eleven couples from our church who participated this year in our annual couples retreat. We reserved rooms at the Colombina Recreation Park. It was a beautiful setting with good rooms, food, and activities. We were challenged from God's Word four times during the retreat. 
What a blessing to have christian fellowship and some time with my wife. This was a special activity in the middle of the month of March with the monthly church theme on the family.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Campamento del Profesionales 2017

Our bus trip to Huaral, Lima from Huancayo provided us with some great views. Peru is experiencing  floods and extreme weather conditions this year. This makes traveling more difficult and much longer with different routes. 

 Jon and Matthew were invited to help at the single adult camp in the coast of Peru.  We arrived to the camp early to get everything set-up before registration began.

 The camp lasted four days with four special speakers. Jon was able to preach on the first day along with devotionals during the camp and counseling.

 Jon directed the group games and competitions for the camp.

 Matthew was a great help in the activities. Last year he was sick and needed rest.

 The obstacle course was a fun challenge for the two teams.

 Steal the bacon game is always fun and a little dangerous but thankfully nobody was hurt this year.

 We had over 200 campers and 40 helpers from the church to make this a great time at camp.

 Water games are enjoyed even more with the summer heat.

 The last evening we had a fancy banquet for a lasting memory.

 Jon gave the last devotional at the camp with a sore throat after losing his voice.
 Matthew played basketball with some of the other camp helpers.
 The blue team putting together one last team cheer.

 The blue team had the lead in points for the first two days but the red team came back and won the overall points for the week. Congratulations to the RED TEAM!

 The camp workers from Iglesia Bautista de Horeb all wore their green camp shirts for a group picture.

 Soccer during free time was always enjoyed.
 Our trip from the camp provided a beautiful sunset over the Pacific Ocean.
 Our bus trip back to Huancayo was longer than usual. The bus stopped for an unexpected break due to the extended time of the trip and at an altitude of over 15,000 feet, when Jon got off the bus and after climbing stairs, felt dizzy and was looking for a chair to adapt to the altitude. He fainted and fell to the floor just before reaching the chair. He could hear the people talking but was not able to respond for a few minutes. After five minutes, he was up and walking and thanking all those who showed compassion. Made a good story and funny memory for Matthew to share with others.
 Traffic and flooding made the trip long. Praising the Lord for safety and protection throughout.