Friday, March 10, 2017

Missions Trip To Iquitos Amazon

Jon and Matthew had the privilege of taking a Missions Trip / Senor Trip to the Amazon of Peru on February 2-17. It was the rainy season in the mountains and the roads were blocked from Huancayo to Lima. Our bus was cancelled forcing us to purchase plane tickets to not miss our connecting flight  to Iquitos. 

 The scenery during our flights was astounding from snow-peak mountains, cloud formations, sunset, and jungle scenes.

 We arrived into Iquitos and immediately realized that the climate and culture were different from our home in the mountains.

 We were able to experience eating alligator and different insects.

 Before meeting up with some pastors to travel further down river to be a part of the education conference, Matthew and Jon took some time to take in the sights and make memories.

 These two rivers meet and are different in color but don't mix.

 We had a fun time monkeying around.

(continuation of trip in other post)

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