Friday, July 13, 2018

Traveling from Huancayo to Lima

The mountains are beautiful while traveling to Lima.

 What a difference it was being in the capital city.

 Our family needed to get our visas renewed and updated for our trip to go smoothly.

Iglesia Bautista El Alfarero family recognition

Iglesia Bautista El Alfarero was kind enough to have a sending service for us as we prepared to return to the States on furlough. The youth group and ladies meetings gave special attention to our departure as well as an evening service for our family. 

 The day arrived to have the moving trucks take all of our things to storage. It was en encouragement to have so many from our church come and assist us in the loading and unloading of the trucks.

Our family took one last look on top of the roof of our house to 
see the sights. We will miss the mountain views and beautiful sunsets from Huancayo.

 A special thank you to those from the church who took us out to eat, invited us over for meals, helped pack and clean our house, and repair our van for the trip.

June Family Memories in Huancayo

Our dog Max knew that something different was happening with all the packing and moving around.
 We were busy with ministry as well as packing the house items by cataloging every item for the moving trucks paper work.
 One tradition we have at the end of each school year is to have a bon fire to burn all of our school papers that have been written on (quizzes, tests, homework, etc...). The Peruvians wanted to keep many of the papers to help them learn english.

 Our cat Kit was spoiled by the family before having to leave him with another family while we will be in the States.
 Nisha took Nathan to Lima to take his ACT. The girls had a Father-Daughter date with fun activities and dinner. What a good break from all the packing.

 It was a joy to have so many visitors from our church come and help us pack and spend some time with us.

 The family were all working together to get things wrapped up and protected. I'm not sure what we are going to do when we become empty nesters and not have such great helpers.