Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Albermarle Baptist Missions Conference

It was such a blessing to be with the church and see God working through the increase of their faith promise. We were able to hear Pat Creed, once again, as the special speaker for the conference. It was encouraging to have the opportunities of fellowship with the church at each of the meals, golfing activity, trip to Monticello, Missionary Birthday Party, and even an African church service. Mr and Mrs Winkey and their three legged dog (dixie) where our host for the conference, opening up their home and hearts to us. We were able to minister in the conference by sharing our testimony and calling into missions, our DVD presentation to Peru, Sunday School and morning services in the children classes, and Patch the Pirate club on Sunday Evening. We were excited to hear at the conclusion of the conference that they would be taking our family on for support and look forward to co-laboring with them in spreading the Gospel.

The Dreaded Dentist Appointment

Nisha had a dentist appointment in Slippery Rock, PA (scheduled by her loving husband), to see if they could discover what was causing so many headaches and pain in her jaw. The result was the discovery of a cavity that inflamed the nerve. It will have to be pulled out next month back in Michigan.

Our family found lodging at a mission house with the Munger Family who owned horses, goats, and cats with newly born kittens which the children enjoyed seeing.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Resurrection Day of our Lord!

I enjoy this time of the year to reiterate the Resurrection of our Lord to our children. To explain why we worship God on Sunday every week. What a day to clearly explain the Gospel to someone. It is surely a cause to celebrate and rejoice as a Christian. Our Faith is not in vain because Jesus did raise from the dead and therefore gives us assurance that he is alive.

We spent the week of Easter back at our home church in Michigan with a Good Friday Service, early Sunday morning breakfast, and Sunday services.

Feed the Birds

While traveling in Virginia, we had the opportunity to take our car on a Ferry where we were able to get out and feed bread to the birds.

March Madness

One of the things that our family has enjoyed doing together is to participate in the NCAA Basketball Tournament during March. We will all fill out our brackets and decorate the living room for good family fun. Nathan was the winner last year, but this year Mom beat us all by picking the most winning teams.

Something to Giggle About

We traveled to Virginia and Maryland to present our ministry in a couple of churches. Forest Ridge Baptist in Maryland voted to take us on for support the night we presented. We are so excited about co-laboring with them. During the week days in between churches, we were able to visit with friends in the ministry. Our friends in Virginia made a lasting impression by telling our children a new three bear story and allowing my wife and I to relax in their home. In Pennsylvania, we were able to visit David Gee at Calvary Baptist in Lansdale who took us out to the Giggleberry Fair. All in all a good trip.

March 2009 Prayer Letter

MARCH 2009

“And they thirsted not when he led them through the deserts: he caused the waters to flow out of the rock for them: he clave the rock also, and the waters gushed out.” Isaiah 48:21

As missionaries on deputation, sometimes we have to simply go where God has us and trust Him as we go. When we set out for our first meetings in 2009, we were scheduled in Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, and Florida, but knew there were gaps in housing and scheduling that needed to be filled. God knew we didn’t want to travel back and forth from Michigan, so we left not knowing how things were going to work out. Sometimes that’s all God wants from us, faith and obedience, so we can learn to trust Him, even for the little things. While on the road to Virginia, we had several different Pastors call us, (for a missionary, that’s exciting!), wanting to know if we were in the area and could come present our ministry? We were in awe of God’s work as we continued to receive calls for new meetings. We needed housing between meetings and God opened up doors on the way as well, providing above and beyond anything we could have ever imagined! We returned from the trip praising God and were encouraged by the above verse in Isaiah. We don’t always know how things are going to work out, and at times it may seem impossible, but Isaiah reminds us that God can provide by whatever means He decides.
It has been a blessing to share God’s compassion for the lost sinner in many church ministries such as Awana’s, Christian Schools, Adult Sunday School classes, Youth Groups, etc. but also outside of the church in our travels on deputation. We have been able to meet some Peruvians here in the States who have expressed their joy that someone was going to their country with the Gospel.

While in meetings in Florida, we received word that Jon’s aunt had passed away after a long battle with cancer. Although we were initially saddened by the loss of a dear aunt, a favorite among many in the family, we were encouraged to know she had accepted Christ just a few months before her passing. We had prayed many years for her salvation and were thrilled when she finally made the decision to trust Christ. Please continue to pray for Jon’s family as they deal with her passing.

We are excited to report the addition of four new churches which has raised our support level to 50%! Our prayer was to have half of our financial support by the end of January. We received a call on the last day of January from a church which allowed us to see God answer our specific prayer. We ask that you would continue to pray for our support to go up as we have churches voting at the end of this month to take on new missionaries. We’re excited about the possibility of setting a target date for Peru soon!

Simply Trusting God,
The Harris Family
Jon, Nisha, Matthew, Nathan, Becca, and Katie