Wednesday, October 22, 2014

We're enjoying the time of ministering in churches

We've been in over 20 churches and have traveled over 8,000 miles in our rented van while reporting what God has done in Peru. It's been interesting to see the wide variety of services in our travels from Cowboy roundup, VBS, Camps, Missionary Conferences, Fellowships, and from small groups to large congregations. Each have been such a blessing to us. 
 What a blessing to see our children getting involved in ministry. Matthew has been able to play in churches small and large in number.

 Our boys had fun playing american football at the church picnic.
 Round-up Sunday turned out to be a fun filled day of great food, fellowship, singing, and preaching.

 Nisha has given reports of ministry and has been actively involved in the churches.

 Our girls love being able to set up and decorate the table display while describing the many items from Peru.
 Matthew was a little nervous but extremely excited for the opportunity to play in a large church.

Another fun day at the National Mall in Washington DC

Another day at the National Mall in Washington DC
Pictures taken of the White House.

 Pictures taken with the Washington Monument.

 Pictures at the Vietnam Memorial

 Pictures taken at the Lincoln Memorial

Making and Copying of our furlough DVD

Jon returns from Peru with 30,000 pictures and needs to narrow it down into a 7-10 minute presentation for the churches. As he makes a script to show the different phases of our ministry of Peru from our first year at EFATA Baptist, to assisting in the planting of a church in Andahuaylas, to furlough, and finally to the future plans with working with Horeb Baptist and Independent Baptist to start another church.  The pictures were chosen and arranged for a slideshow as Jon narrated for our first few churches. We were thankful for the church in Indiana to record and burn a DVD copy for us to use. We were later able to make duplicate copies with a DVD burner and Label printer at a host house in Maryland. This allowed us to mail them out to those churches interested in our ministry and those whom we are not able to report to in person. We are thankful for all those who had a hand in helping us put this together for furlough.

National Mall in Washington D.C.

While reporting to our churches in the East Coast, we were able to take a few trips to the National Mall in Washington D.C. area. The tour of the U.S. Capital, Monuments of Washington-Lincoln-Jefferson, the White House, Air and Space Museum, War memorials, Arlington cemetary, and more. It was good to spend some time enjoying the area of Washington D.C.

 Each of the kids enjoyed feeding the squirrels and other wildlife at the Mall.

 Watching the "changing of the guards" at the tomb of the "unknown soldier" was educational.

 Tomb of President John F. Kennedy