Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Nancy graduates from cooking school

Nancy is one of our church members and also a maid who cleans our house for us at times. 
She invited us to her graduation ceremony where she received her certificate of completion of cooking classes. Praying that God will provide her with a good job to help support her family with two children. 

Shopping for Church materials

It's always a joy to be able to go shopping when you have the money to buy. God provided some funds from church donations from the States to purchase needed items for the church like a ladder, tables, storage bins, dry-erase board, cleaning supplies, etc...

 God is so Good!

Memorial Day cook out

What a blessing to celebrate not only Peruvian holidays but also our nations holidays. I don't see the children complaining about more celebrations. It was fun to take a family day and play games, have a cook-out, and remind our children of the meaning of Memorial Day. 

Stare Down competitions

There seems to be a competition of looking into eyes to see who would blink or move first. I have been able to capture a few of these moments with the camera.

Our cat "Kitty" is getting braver by coming to the windows and jumping at the dogs. 

Visit to the Convent de Ocopa with church members

We were able to take a field trip to the convent of Ocopa. This place has much of the history of the first missionaries who came to minister to the Amazon and was met with hostile Indians. A museum inside provided a lot of insight of the culture and customs of Peru (from stuffed animals to ancient artifacts. It was a blessing to bring with us two of our church members (Eva and Bety). 

 The cemetery had tombs from the 1800's as we tried looking for the oldest and most recent dates.

Van Repairs

Our van broke down a few times and needed to be towed back home. After getting a mechanic to diagnose the problem, we received the bad news that to get it fully repaired would cost $4,000. It needed a new gas pump, suspension, brakes, ball bearings, and other minor repairs to wiring. Well, we didn't have $4,000 so we just parked it and began using public transportation for a couple of months. Thankfully that we live in the city and everything is close. We have been praying that God would reveal when and how to be able to get a working vehicle. 
 What a blessing we received as God used family members to buy a gas pump and have it sent down from the States to Peru to be installed. The mechanic said that it can be used but will soon need to replace the other parts. We will just keep praying.

Ministering to school children

Our family had the opportunity to minister in a kindergarten school activity. Some of our church members have taught or sent their children to this school.