Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Who says you can't have fun in the ministry?

So we enjoy playing table games and the loser lately has had to participate in the pastelazo game. What a good sport everyone was in playing this.

 Touristic restaurants that served pachamaca, guinea pigs, and other Peruvian plates.

Visiting touristic parks that reveal the Peruvian history.

 Judy wasn't shy in attempting her Spanish with everyone.

 World famous gourd carver demonstrating his trade to us.

 Katie loves climbing into trees.

 Dad trying on some hats but none seemed to fit his big head.
 You can find so much at the open market. Leah didn't see the need to buy the heads and feet of the chickens.
 This town is known for their making of textiles.

 Leah gets a first hand lesson before the owner leaves her to work on her own.

 Trying on the Peruvian clothes made in this town.
 Dad brings back memories of "Charlie the church mouse" with this finger puppet.

 Judy makes attempts to improve her looks.
 Pachamaca pit where they will use hot rocks in the ground to cook the food.
 Women hero's from the war to gain independence.
 Leah takes the risk of Peruvian fair rides. No safety regulations are necessary.
 This ride spins, bounces, and other crazy stuff that makes you flop all around.

 Four wheeling out in the fields was a lot of fun.
 Be careful of the black spitting Llama in the back. It got Jon pretty good before he grabbed it for some pictures.
 Matthew jumps over the ravine.

 We took the boat out to the "Island of Love".

 Judy gets a ride in the motor-taxi.
 Climbing nearly 200 steps to get to the crown for some pictures in this statue in our valley.

 Matthew is playing in the basketball league in town and is seen shooting in the picture below.
 Leah was able to assist in the ministry school with one of our church members.
 Shopping day as Leah helps carry in the groceries.
Sign language class is offered every Monday night. Dad and Leah enjoyed attending when they were able.

 Visiting "Torre, Torre" with our dogs is always a fun and scary climbs in the mountains with drop-offs and great views.
 Leah climbing around in "Torre, Torre".

 Huancayo can be seen in the background of the picture below.
The Girls all-nighter activity at our house was an exciting time.

 Leah attempts eating her first guinea pig.

 Nathan doing his flips on the trampoline.

 "Youth Day" activity at our house was a lot of fun.

 Dad and Jon take Leah back to Lima to catch her flight back to Canada.

 A special thanks to Leah for coming to be with us in Peru. She was a tremendous blessing in the ministry and to our family.
 Dad enjoyed putting the puzzle together especially during the evening when it would rain.