Sunday, January 1, 2012

Firework celebrations for the holidays

In Peru, they fire off the illegal fireworks all over the place. The fireworks are sold for very cheap in every market place out in the open. Christmas Eve and New Years Eve are the two biggest displays of fireworks that last for many hours through the night.
Fireworks are also used for funerals, birthdays, weddings, and any other gatherings. It is very common to see and hear some fireworks each week.

"Blacky" becomes part of our family!

On December 23rd, our family opened up an early Christmas present. It was a black labrador puppy that our family decided to call "Blacky". Our children have said that she was the best Christmas gift they received this year. Our children have been praying for another dog ever since we had to sell our last dog in the States when traveling on deputation nearly five years ago. She "Blacky" has been well received and each member of the family has taken the responsibility that comes with having a dog.

"Blacky" gets her first bath.

"Blacky" gets dressed up in her Christmas outfit and spends time entertaining the deaf children.

Christmas preparations for 2011 in Villa El Salvador

The twins were excited to be able to sing with the church choir at the Peruvian Congress Christmas in Lima.

Wrapping gifts to put under the tree for their siblings.

The twins singing in the Christmas drama/cantada at the church.
Family shopping day always turns into some fun memories.

Nisha was busy in the kitchen making goodies to go out caroling to all our neighbors and friends in the church.
We took the opportunity to decorate our apartment with a Christmas tree and Christmas lights.