Friday, April 30, 2010

No place like home, Michigan!

We put over 3,000 miles on the car in the last two weeks getting to our meetings. What a blessing to be able to attend, update, and preach back in our own church for their mission conference, which is looking to be our last with them before our departure. We have been earnestly praying to depart in August of 2010 for language school and have seen God reveal more to us of that possibility this week.
What a blessing it has been to see God working in and through our children. They have been in some good mission conferences this Spring which has burdened them to lead Souls to Christ. Katie has been praying for the opportunity to see God allow her to be used to lead a Soul to Christ. Upon arriving back at home, Matthew, led a neighbor to the Lord who came over to play some basketball. Jon was able to do some follow-up. Praise the Lord!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Serving God in Pensacola, FL

We made it to Pensacola, Florida to attend the mission conference at Smyrna Baptist. There was no time to do home-schooling this week because of the overwhelming blessings bestowed upon us as a family. We had home cooked meals prepared for us at the church; which beats fast food on the road any day. There were church activities during the day to provide fellowship with the missionaries and the church members. I had the priviledge of taking my oldest son, Matthew, golfing for the first time; Shopping was provided for the ladies; Skeet shooting provided for the men; and a roasted pig for the banquet (not guinee pig like in Peru). Jon was able to present our calling and share his testimony in the church. Our DVD was able to be viewed after much deliberation to get their projector to work. Jon was able to preach in Sunday School and Junior church on Sunday. What a blessing to see the Holy Spirit working in hearts as decisions were made throughout the conference.

New York, New York

We were able to have lodging at Hudson View Baptist in Yonkers, NY. Our time there provided us opportunity to get home-schooling accomplished, preach in their school, preach in the church, and visit New York City. We were delighted to be able to visit the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, and Time Square while in the area. It is a blessing to reveal to our children the many blessings God gives while serving Him.
Our second meeting took place at Wilton Baptist Church in Wilton, NY. What a fellowship and joy to meet those at the church in which gave us such encouragment. Their hospitality toward us was appreciated. We were thrilled to see what God was doing in the church.
We departed from Wilton, NY on Monday morning toward Pensacola, FL to attend our next missions conference.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Honking your car horn!

We have just spent a little over a week near New York City where we heard many horns honking for many different reasons. My son Matthew who sits in the rear facing seat in the back of our station-wagon, asked why so many had to honk their horns in the city. After explaining the many reasons ranging from people in a hurry, awareness, and rudeness, he asked if people would stop honking unless for a worthwhile reason. We have even seen those who hold up sign saying Honk if you love Jesus or some other cause. After completion of presentations in churches in the New York area, we made our way to a Florida Missions Conference. On the way, I found myself in a position in which I needed to use my horn to alert a lady, driving a big SUV, who came into our lane on the highway in order to pass a semi truck. I had to go into the shoulder off the road in order to avoid an accident. God once again provided safety and I was able to explain to my son the proper use of the horn on the car.

We use the horn on the car just like many people use their voices to bring awareness of something to others. How are you using your voice? Are we being heard using our speech to bring awareness to a lost and dying world about a Saviour? Spread the Word; Jesus Saves!

Honk if your have to but let it be heard.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Faith Independent Baptist Church Mission Conference

After our Easter week in Michigan, we made our way to Maryland where we participated in the mission conference at Faith Independent Baptist Church, Glenn Dale. Once again, we were the ones blessed by the friendliness of Pastor Creed and the church. We witnessed believers serving God through meal preparations, decorating, cleaning, giving, worshipping, and fellowshipping together. We are grateful for their kindness toward us during the week. What a priviledge to have lodging at Bethany's house for the week and to make another friend. It doesn't take long to notice the heart of the church is missions. We not only had the opportunity to serve by presenting our testimony and field but also to preach to the teens and witness five Baptisms on Sunday.

Celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord!

We had the priviledge of celebrating Easter this year at our home church and spending time with family before stepping back out on the deputation trail again. We praise the Lord for safety from our long travels these last two months. It is such a thrill to be able to return home with familiar surroundings. We took a day to be with family and participate in the annual egg hunt, egg coloring, Easter story reading, and good eating at the Harris funny farm. Our children enjoyed being with Grandma and Grandpa and other cousins.
Easter Sunday provided an excitment in the remembrance of our resurrected Lord. HE LIVES! What a delight to fellowship with other believers at FaithWay Baptist and worship God on this Easter Sunday.