Friday, October 16, 2015

Matthew joins a basketball league

Matthew returns home from playing at the park with news that he met a Christian basketball player (Guillermo) who asked him if he would like to play on his team for the city league. Jon got to meet and talk with him to see what would the requirements be. It didn't take long for Matthew to have the proper paper work and an uniform to begin practicing and playing with the team. 
 Guillermo has been coming to our house often to fellowship together. It has been encouraging to hear of his desire to be used by God for ministry.
The team has now had two other teammates receive Christ as their Saviour and are meeting in our house every Thursday for a team Bible Study. They have since asked Jon to coach the team and would like for him also to join and play with the team. We're praying that God will even use this as a ministry to others.

Ministry in the church

What a joy there is in serving Jesus! 

 Those attending the church wanted to give us a welcoming gift to show their appreciation of us coming to serve.
 Praying together each week for the establishment and growth of the church.

Adapting to Huancayo

In our first two weeks of ministry in Huancayo...
Jon and Samuel was asked to officiate a wedding of a couple attending our church,

 Our family was able to get a taste of sugar cane juice,
 build relationships with those attending the church,
 unpack our boxes at our house,
 witness some of the cities traditional fiestas,
 Matthew finding places to play basketball and so much more.

Nathan's 15th Birthday

Nathan celebrated his 15th birthday in Huancayo by going to "Happyland" to play some video games. He had a party at home with his family and the Vega Family. We thank the Lord for the time we've been able to have with Nathan and appreciate him.

Starting our ministry in Huancayo

As shared on a previous blog, we have the privilege of teaming up with missionary Samuel Vega, his wife Fiorella and their daughter Tirsa to establish "The Potter's Baptist Church".  
 Our first week at the church resulted in a record attendance of 48 with our family of 6, a missions team of 20, the regular attenders of 18, and a couple of visitors.

 Our family immediately got involved in the ministry of the church. Matthew offering to play the piano/songlead/usher/etc., Nathan likes setting up and running the electronics, Becca and Katie teach in the children's class and play the instrument maker.

Moving into Huancayo

Jon and Nathan drove to Huancayo with our dog "Max" and other fragile items in our van while the two moving trucks came shortly behind. Nisha and our other children had a few days of rest with friends in Villa El Salvador to allow the house to be prepared before coming to Huancayo on a bus. 
 Jon and Nathan were so thankful for the missions team in Huancayo offering assistance in unloading the truck, arranging our items, and getting our house ready for us to live in it.

 Nathan was a big help and a hard worker for these days. He's pictured below assembling beds.
 The missions team scrubbed and cleaned the house.
 We enjoyed singing songs together.

 Jon explained some of his games and activities to the group.
 Nathan was surprised to find a place in the mountains that served such a big hamburger. He deserved a special treat for his help these last few days.

Horeb Baptist provides a farewell party

Horeb Baptist Church was very kind to us by having a farewell party. It included songs, testimonies, games, gifts, pictures, food, and great fellowship. We're so thankful for the many friendships made during our time serving together.