Sunday, March 1, 2009

O death where is thy sting?

Our deputation led us to Florida churches in Febuary. The weather was much warmer than in Michigan. God miraculously provided lodging in Orlando for Nisha and the children while Jon attended a Pastors Fellowship, Missions Conference in California, and churches in Florida. It was when Jon returned to Orlando and was spending time with wife and children before the start of our next conference that he received word that his Aunt Jeannie had passed away at the age of 56 due to cancer. Jon took a plane back to Michigan to be with family and assist where needed, as Nisha and the children remained at the conference before driving back to Michigan. Matthew (10 years old) offered to take turns driving the car if mom got too tired but thankfully mom was able to make the trip safely. After spending a week back in Michigan and helping with family transitions, we now begin with our next missions conference in Ohio. Thank you to all who prayed for us during our loss of our great Aunt Jeannie. We are thankful that she testified that she trusted Christ to be her Saviour and that she is in Heaven with no more pain. This was the first death of a family member that our children had to experience. It has opened up many questions. I was thrilled to explain to them the blessed hope that she was in Heaven rather than in Hell because of God's Grace and through her faith and testimony. I was even more thrilled to hear each of our children share their own testimony of Salvation and how they too are looking forward to going to Heaven. Oh, that all would have that blessed assurance that Jesus is their Savior. It has reminded us once again that a Missionary is called to give out the Gospel.