Friday, May 19, 2017

Celebrating Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is great reminder to show our appreciation for Mother's all around the world. 
Our church had a special celebration on Sunday for the Mother's of our church. A special emphasis in the preaching along with recognition of each Mother with a gift, pictures, and applause. A special thanks to the teenagers for the decorations and drama. 

Nisha was treated to breakfast in bed by our children along with gifts and flowers.

 Nisha received her request of family time by eating at Chili's (an American Restaurant) and time at the mall.

 Praise the Lord for each of the Mother's at our church.

After the evening service, we were able to have a social time filled with drama, special music from the children, group games, food, and testimonies.

Ministry Opportunities

Our church provides many ministry opportunities from visiting orphanages, hospitals, birthday parties, school events, house visits, and more. 
This month included one of our church members delivering her second child. What a blessing to visit them in the hospital and to see the new baby. 

 We have been able to introduce root-beer floats to many of the Peruvians at our house for some great fellowship.
 Nisha is enjoying making cakes and cupcakes for different events.
 One of the children from the church had a birthday party and asked us to provide the games, organization, and cakes.

 It was funny watching them play "Hungry Hippos" with the scooter boards.

 Nathan enjoys playing video games with some of his church friends.
 Some of our church members help run a child care school. We were asked to come and organize games, fellowship, and cakes.

 The children from our church enjoy coming over and playing with our cat and dogs.
What a blessing to have a church family to fellowship and minister with one another. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Christian Fellowship

Taking time to spend with church members on trips and activities. There's nothing like good fellowship with other christian families from the church. It was a blessing to visit other area villages and entertainment places in our valley together. 

 Rebecca and Katie overlook the city of "ConcepciĆ³n" from the top of the hill.

 What a memory to hold on to before our oldest son leaves for the States. Katie mentions in family devotions that these are our last days together as a family before pursuing God's path for our lives individually. Cherish the moments while you have them.

 These statues hold quite a memory of the history of the valley when women had to cut down a bridge to protect themselves from the enemy.

 "La Huaycha" provides our valley with fair-like rides for a fun get away with family and friends.

 The picture provided the proof needed to determine the winner of who was faster between Matthew and Patty.