Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Christian Fellowship

Taking time to spend with church members on trips and activities. There's nothing like good fellowship with other christian families from the church. It was a blessing to visit other area villages and entertainment places in our valley together. 

 Rebecca and Katie overlook the city of "Concepción" from the top of the hill.

 What a memory to hold on to before our oldest son leaves for the States. Katie mentions in family devotions that these are our last days together as a family before pursuing God's path for our lives individually. Cherish the moments while you have them.

 These statues hold quite a memory of the history of the valley when women had to cut down a bridge to protect themselves from the enemy.

 "La Huaycha" provides our valley with fair-like rides for a fun get away with family and friends.

 The picture provided the proof needed to determine the winner of who was faster between Matthew and Patty.

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