Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Camp in Huaral, Peru

This is the Single Adult group from our church taken to camp this summer. There was a total of 39 from our church (Abundant Life Baptist Church) this week and another 30 teens the previous week. We have heard of three Salvations and many other Spiritual decisions that were made at camp. After camp the church allowed us to share the testimonies and experiences of what God did at camp. To God be the Glory!

The bus trip took roughly 28 hours due to slow speeds and running out of gas and engine trouble.  
Always be sure to take your own toilet paper in Peru. It's not always the cleanest facilities either.
The mountain scenery was better to look at. 
We arrived to camp just at the end of registration time but were all dirty, tired, and hungry from the trip.

One of Matthew's favorite games at the camp was 9-squares where you knocked people out by getting the ball to fall through their square. 

 The camp cordinators demonstrating the games before the teens played.
Camp is camp food. I will say though that the flies and the mosquitoes were bad.

There were many activities made available for the campers during their free-time. 

Basketball, Paintball, Table-Games, Swimming, Ping-Pong, Soccer, Volleyball, 9-squares, etc...
 Skit night was enjoyed by the campers as well.
 The "Blue" Macho train ended up winning the week of camp and tossed Matthew up in the air many times throughout the week.

Camp is a tremendous week of Spiritual growth. Each morning was started with a Bible Study through the book of Ephesians. The evening preaching was directed to start and strengthen ones walk with God. There was Cabin devotions with their counselors each night before bed time.

 God and I time was taken each morning as well.

The bus trip back to the mountains started with a smaller bus packed with just our church teens and their things.
Praise the Lord for a safe and blessed week of camp. Thanks to all those who donated to help support these teens in their Spiritual growth.

Our children are growing up fast

Matthew takes pride in the fact that he is taller than his mom and catching up to his dad quickly.
Nathan loves walking around bare-footed and weighs more than Matthew to make up for being shorter.
Matthew is 14 years old and in 8th grade.
Nathan is 12 years old and in 7th grade.
Rebecca and Katie are 11 years old and in 5th grade.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Valentine's Day!

My Wife and Two Daughters
Thank you God for the blessings you have given to us.

Family Fun Time

Making monsters together

Keeping busy with work

Family pets

Becca brings her Dad breakfast in bed as a surprise.

Our children join the neighbors kids in a water war

While driving around we saw a rainbow in town and decided to go rainbow chasing to see if we could touch a rainbow. Our girls thought it was a fun experience, even though the rainbow was moving fast and ended up moving up the mountain where we couldn't go but we got close. 

Having fun in church

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Trip to Abancay and Cusco

Jon and Nathan took a trip to Abancay to get special papers needed for our van. The trip is about four hours away with three hours of dirt roads. At times we were in the clouds.
You begin seeing the town of Abancay on top of the mountain but it takes two and half hours to get down the mountain with the curvy roads. 

If you look really close you can see a Coca-cola semi truck in the distant road.

 Once we arrived in Abancay, we submitted our papers and were told they would not be available for two days. We decided to get a bite to eat at a restaurant which had a fun playground before taking the time to travel into Cusco.

 Jon ordered a chicken cordon bleu plate which looked and tasted good until he lost his appetite when noticing an inch worm crawling in his salad. The chef came out and apologized as Jon and Nathan got a chance to talk to the workers.

 This hotel is one of the few hotels with an outdoor swimming pool. We drove by it and saw people staring at it peculiarly. We stopped and noticed that a semi truck came around the corner and had lost control. It broke through the cement wall, went down the hill and hit the swimming pool putting it out of commission. Thankfully nobody was swimming at the time or got hurt in the accident.
Nathan set up the DVD player in a furniture store while waiting for the time to submit our papers.
 Jon and Nathan had the choice of continuing to wait for the van papers by getting a hotel in Abancay or sleeping in the van and using the money to travel to Cusco. We chose to sleep in the van in order to visit Cusco.

 Cusco has one and probably the only McDonald's that is in the mountains. Later I found that this was the only reason why Nathan wanted to visit Cusco.

 We came face to face with llama's and alpaca's.

 Missionary Ken Loveall took us to visit a village who wanted to borrow a cement machine to build a church in their village. This village continues to take pride in their traditional clothing daily.

 Nathan enjoyed playing with the macaws that he saw on the trip

 We were able to see beautiful scenery.
 Nathan camping out in the van.