Monday, April 21, 2014

Celebration of Christ's resurrection

Saturday night single adult activity at our house:  The two teams have been chosen and names given to start a new competition. Flags have been made for team points and team spirit. Our neighbors even came over to help with the judging and participate in the activity. Easter eggs are hard if not impossible to find in Peru. Jon ended up using small plastic balls as they enjoyed searching and collecting points for their team. 

 Our children enjoy waking up to find their baskets and reading the story of Christ's death, burial, and resurrection together.

 The choir at the church warm up for the resurrection service.
 What a blessing to sing about our living Saviour.
 Jon leading songs and praying at the service.
 Matthew was assisting in the sound room.
 Pastor Ernesto preached the sermon and Franklin performed the Lord's Supper.
 It's interesting to see the differences in customs between the States and Peru during this holiday. On Friday in Peru, all of the swimming pools were open the whole night with the belief that if you are in the water (pool, river, lake, etc...) at midnight that you will be blessed. Of course, with Peru having such a historical Catholic background there's the marching of the parade floats in the streets, the burning of the palm tree shaped crosses in the homes, and the eating of fish. Many of the Peruvians are not aware of the significance but rather follow the customs for blessings upon their homes. I'm thankful for having a relationship with Christ because of His work on the cross for me. This holiday is a blessed reminder that our Saviour lives and that He has conquered death. How do I know? Because the Bible tells me so and because He lives within my heart.

Church fellowship activity

Jon was asked to put together some activities for the church fellowship. Multi-person skis, stilts, big ball soccer, and four corner volleyball made up the four best events. Other activities were provided on the side like baseball, soccer, volleyball, ladderball, rocket launching, and ring toss.

 Peruvians were interested in learning softball but due to lack of space and needing more training we moved on to other events.
 The big ball soccer game exhausted everyone quickly but it also provided a lot of laughs.

 This was the scene at times with injured and exhausted players lying on the ground from the big ball.
 We even enjoyed some regular futbol (soccer) as well. The unlevel field and tall grass made it even more interesting at times.

 Fish, rice, potatoes, and chocolate chip cookies were enjoyed for lunch
 Four sided volleyball was so much fun trying to knock the other two person teams out.

 One of the dad's spending time with the kids by launching rockets.

Family Pictures

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Red moon eclipse

Jon and the twin girls went star and moon gazing on the roof last night in order to see the moon turn red. They laughed, told stories, and played while observing the moon turn from white to a dark shadow and then to red. It was one of those "cherish the moments" times.

Monday, April 14, 2014

March Madness NCAA Basketball 2014

March Madness NCAA Basketball is one of those things that we as a family enjoy doing together. We add a little more decorations each year and each family member fills out a bracket. We were able to enjoy some of the games with peruvians when schedule allowed and internet worked. 

As Michigan fans, we were disappointed when our internet went out the first half of one of their games. We were waiting with anticipation to find out the final score later that day. 
Our son Nathan beat Jon by one point this year to claim bragging rights for one year of being the bracket winner of 2014.