Monday, December 4, 2017

Preparing for jungle trip

Ray and Judy wanted to visit the jungle of Peru which is only a five hour drive from Huancayo. We needed to prepare for the trip by going to the hospital and receiving yellow fever shots. They are free in Huancayo but would have cost over $100 in the States. 
 Nathan was tired and said he slept while waiting for the procedure. Each of us took the shot without any problems but side effects were too follow after.
 Just outside the hospital they were decorating the streets with colored saw dust.

 We needed to finish a few house projects and service the van before leaving for the trip.

Visitors Are Always Welcome

Every week there are visitors that come to our house for fellowship, counseling, discipleship, etc... 

 We enjoy teaching them new games and laughing together.

Ray and Judy in Huancayo

Ray and Judy are finding there are many fun things to do while in Huancayo. The fun starts in our house with the wacky games that come from Jon. 
 Judy balances a pear on top of the stick to show her skills.
 They toss the rings to see how many they can catch.
 They visit the Indian markets around the city.
 The main plaza is under construction and can only be seen from above the plastic walls.
 Huancayo has so many touristic restaurants to enjoy that offer great peruvian dishes.

 We had the opportunity to visit a peruvian school where Ray was able to play and spend time with the students.

 Judy was asked to participate in a session with the parents.

 Huancayo has two malls that offer shopping opportunities and different activities.

Peru futbol party

Peru futbol is a great way to enjoy fellowship with friends and family. As the Peru team approaches the World Cup qualifying, the excitement is building in the country. 

New baby in the church

"Josué Israel" was born healthy to the proud parents, Evert and Jessica who are members of our church. What a blessing to rejoice with them in God's miracle of giving life. 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Church children's program

What a blessing to see the church children's program in action. The program is new this year and has helped the children learn the Bible in so many ways. They performed songs, memorized verses, and had a poem competition in front of the church. 

 Even the adults, who are children at heart, enjoyed the program and seeing the younger ones perform.

Jesus loves the little children!

Ray and Judy adapting to Peru

It didn't take long for them to find out the love that Peruvians have for soccer. We showed the games with our projector and broke out the decorations to get into the spirit. 

 Nisha took them to the market to buy fruits, vegetables, and meat.
 Ray went with us to the sign-language class to learn some new signs.
 The new mall has opened and offers family games to enjoy.

 So many stories and pictures to show them.
 Ray and Judy got started on the list of projects that Jon always has ready for them.
 Nisha t takes them to the grocery store each week to go shopping. The shopping carts go sideways as well as front and back.