Monday, October 20, 2008

Ohio churches in the fall

Jon flew back from California to attend meetings with the family in Ohio. It is always better when we are all together. I'm asked all the time about lodging difficulties while on deputation. As we travel we find ourselves staying in hotels, homes, parsonages, and very seldom in the car. We just determined to make the best of each situation. I will say that we are getting variety as we go and neither of them has been unbearable but rather memorable. Attitude is everything! We enjoy the times together as a family in hotels. In fact, because of Jon being away from the family before and after the Ohio meetings, we decided to stay in a fancy hotel with many amenities and enjoy some time together. I love my family and do not regret the quality time spent with them. But, that is not to say that we have not enjoyed the opportunity to stay in homes where we have had some great fellowship and make new friends like Mrs. Hitchman in Butler, Ohio and the Schueller Family with their five children playing with our children in Massillon, Ohio. We have enjoyed the blessings that each has to offer. And even though we have heard some scary stories from others who travel in the ministry, we will anticipate creating some of our own stories whether good or bad as we continue "the deputation trail".
Jon has now left for more meetings out west, but we will each be looking forward to being back together once again.