Saturday, August 6, 2016

Happy Independence Day to Peru

We celebrated the Independence Day of Peru (the 28th of July). Our church held a patriotic service. It consisted of more specific time in prayer for Peru and the authorities. We challenge the church to take responsibility in the city of being the light in the dark world spiritually. We extended the service to include competitions with two teams (red and white). They decorated themselves and the building. The history of Peru was presented along with the significance of the flag and its logo. Once again many of the church members were actively involved in helping put this together. 

 The children help explain the history and the flag.

 Independence day in town consisted of marching parades, festivals, and market venders.

Birthday Party for Pastor Samuel

The church organised a surprise party for Pastor Samuel at his house. Nisha made the cake, Jon organised the games and program, and everyone contributed for gifts and snacks. 
 Time to give testimonies and share appreciation for Pastor Samuel.
 Fun games and competitions for all ages to enjoy.

 Great time of fellowship as a church.

 Happy Birthday, Samuel! May God bless you richly.

 The Peruvian tradition of taking a bite out your birthday cake and someone trying to smash your face into it.

Ladies Meeting at our house

The Ladies from the church gather together every two weeks for Bible Study and fellowship. Nisha hosts one every two months at our house and even teaches them how to cook. 

Our girls offer to watch the children to free up some ladies to come.

Wedding of Peter and Katie

Another wedding from those in our church. Praise the Lord for this couple seeking God's Will in Marriage and other aspects of their lives. Please pray for them as they make changes to bring Glory to the Saviour. 

 This was a civil government wedding with other couples. They would like to have a religious church wedding when it is possible. Congratulations Peter and Katie! May God richly bless you and your marriage.

Celebrating our 21st wedding Anniversary

Nisha and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary on July 15th in Huancayo, Peru. They have just opened a LongHorn steakhouse restaurant in our city just in time for us to enjoy some time together. We thank God for the wonderful years that he has given us together. We have now known each other longer than when we were without each other growing up. We dated for three years and she got married when she was 24 years old.