Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Church Pot-luck

A true Baptist church will include a good pot-luck meal in the calendar. What a great time of fellowship together.

Our new Kitten

Jon received a kitten while out visiting. Our twins have been asking their parents, who prefer dogs, for a cat for many years. What a mix to have an indoor cat with two rotweiller dogs outside. 
We named the cat "Kit" coming from the Knight rider. 

 He is being enjoyed and fitting in nicely.

Sunday School Promotion Service

January-February is summer vacation in Peru. It's filled with Camps, Activities, and much more. One of the church activities is that of the Sunday School Graduation Service. Each teacher called up their class and shared a few words along with recognition of those moving up to the next class. 

 Jon was able to interview many of the children and compose a video of memories of the year. It can be seen on Facebook.

What a blessing to have those who are willing to teach the children in the church.

Church Youth Meeting at our house

What energy is seen in our youth today. It is always been a blessing to have Church Youth Times at our house. It is filled with Bible Studies, Games, and great interactions.